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    Merry Xmas to you too bud I got the 25 anniversery of Legend of zelda 3DS bundle
    Oh joy for swearing! I made some, what I called "Zelda Boss Battle Scripts of Randomness" and there's a lot of swearing in them, from Link or otherwise, but it's still humorous :lol: I have no regrets, I think I made then perfectly to my liking :) Also, in my Tron Story, Hackedon (Hidan's infected viral name) is gonna keep his swearing :D
    My only major complaint....is how the Shippuden English Dub has no major swearing at all >.< The Japanese has swearing, while the English episodes don’t :( Swearing is what made Hidan….well, Hidan.
    Sacrilegious hmmm.....Fun Fact: Did you know that Jashin is a real Religion with a real God of the same name? However, it is MUCH different than the Naruto counterpart....and I can’t stress that enough >.> I may watch one episode of it, maybe, I don't watch anime much anymore.....just Naruto Shippuden and I haven’t watched some of the English Dub for several Months -.-
    I'm not too interested in Vampires aside from Blade, but possibly the most epic man I may ever lay my eyes on??? I don’t know about that, have you ever heard of…..Neil Patrick Harris? That man is the most epically aweeeesome man I know of :nod: If you've ever watched the show "How I Met Your Mother" you'd understand.
    (As Vain) I live in Cyber Space, the universe of video game worlds….right now I’m in the world of Mario, on Isle Delfino (it’s all in my Basic Information) :) And, no, I don't know what Hellsing is :? If it's a band or something then, well, I don't really listen to music :sweat:
    Yeah, a lot of people thought Deidara was a girl.....same goes for Ghirahim >.> Also, yeah, the Shukaku is a Tanooki (Raccoondog)
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