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  1. fredfan11

    What is Your Favorite Eye Color?

    I wish I had green eyes.
  2. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess Does Ganondorf Even Fight Seriously or is It All a Joke to Him?

    None of the enemies really take Link seriously. I think Ganondorf is only half trying.
  3. fredfan11

    Favorite Word?

    There's actually a word called Starrify which means to decorate with stars. Epalpebrate -Lacking eyebrows (ikr there's a word for that?)
  4. fredfan11

    Sleeping Positions!

    I sleep on my back with my head turned to the side.
  5. fredfan11

    Any Roller Coaster Lovers Out There???

    I love rollercoasters, depending on their level of scariness.
  6. fredfan11

    Best Avenger

    Actually Spiderman was in the New Avengers, but not the original Avengers Initiative.
  7. fredfan11

    Dubs Vs Subs

    I'm more of a dub fan, I like hearing english :D
  8. fredfan11

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Lady Godiva by Alex Day
  9. fredfan11

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Skyward Sword!!! Woot
  10. fredfan11

    Thoughts on the YES! I Got First Comment!

    I never understood why people make such a big deal about it
  11. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess Bug Hunting, is It a Waste?

    Not if you like the big wallet
  12. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess Scariest Looking Boss / Mid-Boss

    The Death Sword was creepy
  13. fredfan11

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    My friend had one of the games, and I checked into it.
  14. fredfan11

    Toon Link, Adult Link, Kid Link, or Adolescent Link

    Adolescent Link, he's cool.
  15. fredfan11

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    I like summer, no school, sleep in, loads of free time, wonderful warm weather, swimming. I love summer!
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