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  • I love your picture of link hugging the bomb its sorta funny if you dont mind can i make it my avatar? and if you dont mind can you teach me how to?
    guys, meet Barkle (tingle's dog or something like that):
    Yes sir, long long time reader of the forums and site, just started posting though.
    Hello enemytracker. :) Thank you for the compliment on the avatar.

    Yes, I know that my artwork isn't all that perfect, but I'm happy the way it is now. I'm trying to improve it a little everytime I draw something, but as of now, I'm content with my level of drawing.
    :wave:hello there enemytracker (cool username) thanks for your freind request i really appreciate it.:)

    your avy and profilepic are both awesome! :D
    No. I found these on Deviant Art.
    And, about your previous question- The members with different color names are members who have ranks.
    These ranks can be read about on zeldawiki.org
    ¡ hello enemy tracker and welcome to the site!
    ¡ a little funny thing i noticed; you joined the site on thi exact day spirit tracks came out!
    alt 1 equils ¡
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