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  • Hey, I finally changed my signature.

    Check it out and tell me if that was the quote you told me to put on.
    Because I forgot I was going to change my sig, and I was just looking on my computer, and I noticed the 3 quotes I showed you, but I forgot which one you liked the most.
    Yep, I saw that Age of War was an RP site, so I infered from that. I think RPGing is really fun, almost as fun as writing fan-fictions. . .
    Ugh, I'm so mad.

    It get much hotter today.
    I was so pumped because it was getting colder, but I guess it's not.
    :( :cry:
    No, the one I'm doing right now, which is a theory, I have all the information I need. The rest are going to be more observational.
    Well, I'm part of the article staff. My first article's going to published in a few weeks hopefully. That consumes a lot of my time since I have to study my zelda knowledge ;)
    Wow, I had no idea that I even put that,
    I guess I was in a hurry because I had to go to class soon.

    I'm guessing I accidentally typed that because of the word after it, "making".

    I'm not going to edit it, because it's funny.
    Today, a swimmer in my second class, that I showed my letter from Virginia Tech, told me how me how my ex-coach reacted.
    He said he was kind of upset and said, "Why is he getting letters from colleges like Virginia Tech, he doesn't even swim!"
    It made me laugh knowing I'm stilling making my coach mad even if I'm not there to do it myself. So that made me feel better today.

    The teachers were just having a meeting in the room behind me, and the ROTC teacher walked past me, and saw me on this site and he said, "Zelda?" in a weird way. It was really strange.
    Today felt really good. It was cool outside.
    I guess it was colder today then other days since we've had clouds cover the skies for the last 3 days, or 4 days, I don't remember.

    Hopefully it doesn't get warmer, I love this weather, and I want it to get colder.
    Well, from there you can view other people's profile, construct a deck, personalise your profile, and enter the dueling room. In the dueling room there are 3 categories, Traditional, Advanced, and Advanced Rated. When you construct a deck you have access to every card ever made. When you play a duel, keep in mind that the virtual controls are not automatic, it is up to you to follow the game rules and work the controls on your own.
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