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  • I PMed you two chapters, hope you like them, I sort of proofread them but found only a ltile mistake that I fixed, but still Im not the best proofreader
    Just checked my message box. Apparently the message didn't get sent. I'll send a response later today, when I'm not quite so tired. Bleh.
    Hm, I pretty sure I sent a response back a couple of days ago. Maybe it didn't go through for some reason?
    Yes, im very sorry. -.-

    I wrote many chapters and the day, I was going to send them, my Mom needed my computer. She had read the story before and notice some mistakes; she ended proofreading everything:dry:

    But no worries, as soon as I finish a new chapter Im gonna send it to you, unless i find my Mom proofreading it:hmm:
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