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  • Happy Birthday!

    No, one per, as in one loyalty counter per damage it would do. So if it's a 2/1, it would do 2 damage, remove 2 loyalty counters, add 2 poison counters, add 2 -1/-1 counters, etc.

    In that example, that creature would deal 3 damage to you and your damage would be applied in the form of 4 -1/-1 counters to the attacking creature. After the damage step, that creature would be sent to the graveyard as a state-based effect from the poison counters, whereas if regular damage kills a creature (instead of reducing it's toughness with counters, it causes damage) it goes to the graveyard immediately. This is important because the attacking player can play an instant that gives it +1/+1 counters (or something like giant growth to counteract it) before it is sent to the graveyard but after damage is applied, whereas regular damage doesn't afford that opportunity.
    No. Infect reads "does damage in the form of poison counters". Once the stack has resolved and the attack will go through, damage enters the stack like normal (called damage; can be prevented with spells that prevent or redirect damage), but once the damage resolves from the stack, it turns from "damage" into "poison counters" in the case of players, or "-1/-1 counters" in the case of creatures. Currently, infect has no alternate for planeswalkers, so it still will remove one loyalty counter per as normal for them.
    Lol, I know what infect does. I was around in the good ol' days of Serpent Generator and such back when poison was first invented. Awesome mechanic; not powerful enough back in the day, too powerful in today's meta.
    "confirn and under stand :) Sorry for the wait... been playing magic"

    Magic... the Gathering? If so, you, sir, get props. :)
    tell you who yasu is or the list? Well all those are furniture. You have a Klutz and someones Furniture. Final Hint Hair color (black Brown Blond
    from that list I gave you, you should figure it out. Those all have something in common they are all ___________
    In that case it would be its falling over rubbing its melons on the person but. Klutz is a clue. You find the Klutz then you find part of Yasu. Fourth Hint God I hope you get this if not it will be funny ( Chair, Desk, Table, Bed, Shelf, Bookcase,)
    Yasu used them as boobs. But don't think yasu is straight away a guy. Yasu had some major injuries that crippled its body so it can still be a girl or maybe not. Third hint (Klutz) You know what that means right
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