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  • Guess right now. I want to laugh my to laugh my A** off right now. I'll give you a hint (Melons) think real hard will. What could Yasu do with Melons
    nope just in higanbana no saku yoru ni. So are you ever going to finish the anime. I want to see who you guess Yasu is. thats the most fun part ( no really its really fun trying to figure how Yasu (It) manages its life. hmmm I've been watching blue excorcist and Blood-C thats about it on the anime list
    lol I read that on facebook. I've been reading up on umineko but right now I'm taking a break from it. Its just way too depressing, watching that and then going to look at higu makes you miss rena and all the other cheerful characters. But Umineko doesn't really have that. The whole time going through it you just want to go hug Ange and tell her its going to be ok. But in reality its not and everyone is just Fu**** basically. Battler is hopeless and Beatrice is well Beatrice. Bern is a b***h and literally ****s on everyone. Yasu is a complete loon who cant seem to hold all its personalities. Eva out of all of them is the one close to being normal and even that is not that close to normal. Plus my favorite character dies and all is lost. Plus your not given the culprit so you have to find out who did it. Yasu is a culprit but in some way Yasu is not and there is someone else behind it and your just trolled to the end. I'm saying **** it I'm going to Higanbana where a Girl gets raped by her teacher and kills him the most horrible way as possible.
    Hmmm Idk. Can we talk about something happy. Ive been sad about my grandpa leaving since he visited a couple of days ago. lets see watched/ read anything good wise.
    Depends on the situation that I'm in. Normally I want calm but sometimes assertive needs to be used but just depends on me. Sometimes people need to be yelled at to break the allusion that they are in but that's not in your case. Your 15 just a few more years and you will not need to listen to them. Right now I hate authors who gave their character a multiple personality disorder. And the worst part is that some of the characters is that personality. Oh but it gets worse when 1 personality is a boy while the other two are girls. So your left hmmm I wonder if they are a girl or a boy. I'm about to give up on this and say F*** it
    but tell me I want to know. anyway life has been okay, but has been boring lately. Right now I'm EV training plus trying to catch up on a couple of series that I need to watch
    Who are you mad at. :O that's impossible unless there is something your not telling me
    Really you started drivers ed. I'm going to start drivers ed but I have to wait till my mom gets a job which will be in a couple of weeks or months. If your going to leave in 20 min then what time do you think we can talk?
    Hey hows it been. Sorry if I sounded harsh the past view times we have talked. I just haven't been feeling well lately.
    When you make a thread, there's an option at the bottom that says "add a poll" :)

    And, if we didn't progress, we would die out. Such is the way of nature. And sadly, we wouldn't see. :(

    It would differ. Much like in videogames, different races evolve in different ways and evolve to be different things. Further study is needed though to see how we would all evolve.
    Interesting. But the environment evolves in an opposite curve to us. The environment will drastically change one day, that's for sure. So the breathing underwater thing may be useful. Though, we have many natural predators to deal with.

    And humans are evolving physically. Family genetics are slightly dying out. For example, someone with two fat parents could be skinny.
    We humans are complex. We're gaining better sight and hearing. Senses...etc are improving to deal with our current tech and environment. We're also changing our metabolisms and diets. Lifespan is increasing. Alot of things are changing.

    I like your idea of forced evolution. Though it would be a very expensive process, and would take twice as long as regular evolution. Especially for mammals like us.

    And yeah. We would evolve to something else. Some people believe that soon, we'll be half the size we currently are (which can be backed up a little). But some people believe we'll be far taller than we currently are. It's hard to know. But we'll be far different than we are now.

    The more I talk about it, the more I want to see what happens. D:
    I'm not sure about satanism. I've never looked into the subject. But I think it involves cutting yourself and spreading your blood in patterns. Grizzly stuffs...I think. :eek:
    Not at all! Your opinions come across clear, and command attention, but lay it on in such a way as not to force it, but not to make it dull either.

    Or in plain english, opinions are great. You justify them well. :)
    Haha yeah I'm sure that would have helped! It's hard being the bad guy isn't it? First game back in mafia 5 I couldn't think of what to post and not look like scum! I think I played better in Pokemon. I liked playing with you in that game! Poor Nurse Joy ! D:
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