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  • Hey there, Elfen! I FINALLY finished your request! Swing by my thread to get it! ^^ Tell me if you want anything changed!
    xD Yay talkativeness! I'm pretty up front when it comes to meeting some people, but sometimes I can be incredibly nervous and shy away. :(

    Another thing I like is voicing my opinions, even though people aren't listening. Though my opinions are quite unpopular with the community of close minded people who live around me. :dry:
    I'm clinically underweight, but more recently i've pushed my way into average. I'm not sure i'll stay there for long. I'm a very active person. Running, climbing, swimming...etc are all on my list of things I do. :/

    I'm a bit of a social recluse myself. I tend to stick with one group and avoid people who I don't talk to very much. I'm very quiet in class and I prefer to sit on my own and doodle than sit beside someone who I have no intention to start a conversation with. I much prefer meeting people who I have never seen before. If they're a fresh person, AKA, never seen them before, don't know anything about them...etc, i'll get along with them much better.

    I don't smile that much, mainly because I don't like my smile. Though I do like to joke around and do funny stuff. Making other people laugh/be happy is what keeps me going. :P
    I find it easier to open up online as well. :) I'm considered heartless because I didn't cry when one of my relatives died. I wasn't that close to them. I barely even knew their name. I got up and did things as usual, and then performed in a play the day after the funeral.

    I have alot of anger inside me, mainly to those who have abused me in the past, or who have scarred me forever. Like my father. I hate him. And by hate, I mean hate, not just dislike, but solidly hate

    I released that anger once on someone who was picking on one of my friends. The result wasn't very pretty, but I guess I always try to be so nice, and even when people are mean to me i'll brush it off, when inside I want to tear them apart. Bottling up anger isn't very good in the long run :sweat:

    I'm a bit of a perfectionist myself. If my hair isn't cut right or, for example, a project isn't done right by a group in school, i'll scrap everything and do it myself. Not the hair part of course, I just get pretty annoyed. :P

    I'm apparently heartless. Just because certain things don't upset me, or because I say certain things should be prevented/done to solve the world's problems. And you're pretty alike me, but i'm not very care free. I always seem to have something bugging me, normally because I put other people before myself. D:
    your brother is wrong but oh well. I hate facebooks chat I cant think of any other chat networks
    Eh oh well nothing you can do. I'm making a chat box for us to chat at hopefully my computer wont mess up with xat
    what I meant was did everyone suspect you like they did here on ZD because I remember you saying that you played mafia at other forums
    wait what you got me confused now. you said that I would understand you if I was playing with you since I know you and I said yes then after that I got confused. all right see you in 15 min
    I know that your random and hyper and likes to start things off. Do you get this from other mafia games, didn't you say that you went to one of those mafia forums?
    You'll soon find out hehehe. And I'm sick of hearing them complain about DEEN messing up the anime. I'm sick of hearing DEEN did this, DEEN did that, DEEN messed up the soundtrack, DEEN did this wrong, DEEN didn't include this. Its a anime not everyone can conclude everything. I can't talk about this anymore or I'm going to go insane 0_0
    Idk I don't like the When they cry fanbase. Not all fans are bad but there are some that if you don't agree with their theory then they will tackle you with everything they got. Their so bad that they tried to link Higanbana to Umineko even though Higanbana is a complete different series. I cant talk about the fan base or I will go on a rage. Really Beatrice is Battlers Mother that's the most stupid thing ever but sucks for them since I already know who Beatrice is. I'll enjoy watching them fail and I'm also sick with them connecting Lambdadelta with Satako. Satako has nothing to do with Lambda people need to get their facts straight.
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