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  • Indeed...to be more clear cheesy fries are rather common to me because of Wendy's though, the one I sometimes get food from actually sells cheese sauce for your fries, I get it every now and then and it is quite tasty :3

    Burger King doesn't have such things, if I want cheese on my friend I just get a poutine though, comes with gravy to and is delicious imo.
    Hahahah, well, everybody is different so whatever works for you I guess. I’m just extremely picky with that I eat or what I put on my food, if it’s something I don’t like, which it usually is, then there’s like no way I’m gonna be eating it. Cheese on fries though...I consider that normal o,o

    That often makes my parents yell at me, they make dinner but it’s something I don’t like and as such I end up making something myself, yep. Realistically speaking this doesn’t apply as much to fast food though I guess…audino really, I just consider being extremely picky with fast food kind of hard, you can just ask them to make it one way and they’ll do it if it’s possible =P
    Yeah, Thursdays and Fridays were naturally the best ones before weekends, Wednesdays always just made me feel relived because the week was half done.

    I never had a Big Mac period and never will likely, I often just get Quarter Pounders from McDonalds, but like Burger King most of all for their Italian Chicken Sandwich and Poutines...that chicken sandwich is often a limited time only thing though, so I often go with the original chicken sandwich instead. As far as Whoppers go--well, I'm odd and get mine made like a basic cheese burger, just am really picky about what I eat usually. So it's simply cheese, ketchup, and mustard for me =P
    Hmmm, when I was in school I always enjoyed Wednesdays, because it meant the weekend was only two days away…also Whoppers, I just like Burger King, ok x3

    Ahem, to answer your question though, many times I find myself going through the day and feeling as if it's a different day of the week. Overall it's possibly because you had a long weekend though, the weekdays feel a bit iffy, audino really.
    Hmmm, these things have been changed for a few days actually…well, I did change my profile picture just the other day, but my profile layout and has been that way for a bit now. Seamless blue stars for the panel background and an interesting seamless purple design for the page background, I think it looks good, yeah. Oh, and my avatar has been this one for a few days too now =P

    Good evening by the way, hope your first day back to school went well enough.
    Normal: Conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.

    Hmmm, thinking now though, if we're all different and differentiation itself is common...then maybe we're all normal, but if we're all normal then normality can't possibly exist for it would apply to everybody, there would just be human beings whom are all the same in that regard. Oh, quite the curious thing indeed...ahem, sorry about that, I kind of rambled on.

    You know the definition of normal now though at least =P
    Yeah, that's actually another one I had made up, that one thread here about normality prompted me to come up with it. It's true though, everybody is their own person and nobody is necessarily normal, we're all different.
    The whole job close to home is more so a convenience thing I guess, it's possible that you'll be able to get what job you want though, just very difficult because today's economy is crazy in that area...also, neat new profile and everything, that quote you got there is actually in my signature--well, a different version of it anyways.
    Yep, those are two of the biggest stores I live by anyways, there are smaller ones as well but in the end luck is what I need regardless. Ah, I've been told I'm good with kids as well and have baby-sat several times, maybe I'd be decent at such a job too then--no daycares are nearby though, so not happening. The best of luck to you though, and as I said Canadian Tire is a large store, guess maybe it's only here in Canada for the most part though.
    I live nearby a bunch of stores like Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire, so those are where I keep applying, I don't have a license yet so jobs I can walk or bike to are my main interest. Hopefully you can work at the daycare center someday though, yeah.
    Last day, huh, the breaks always just breeze by...even despite being done school I still say that. I find that getting a job is hard no matter where you are, even my one friend who's a Mod here has trouble finding better work and she's quite experienced, it's just getting more and more difficult--my mom says to pass out resumes every week but I just can't comprehend it, is that seriously necessary? Good luck to you as well, I actually may have a guaranteed summer job at a nearby factory actually, finding a job that lasts more than a single season is what I need though.
    Sorry if my last VM down there was confusing, eheheh...overall I assume you're on Spring Break though, hmmm? Here in Canada we had that during March, and by "we" I mean the people who are still in school, I'm 18 and just looking for work myself now...it's not as easy as I'd like it to be, I should likely pass out more resumes today actually, but I've got no motivation to do so atm -,-
    There will always be some things that you just can’t get the hang of no matter how much you try, but even then it doesn't mean you are a failure; it just means your gifts lie in other subjects or activities.
    That's a little quote of mine I came up with some time ago, it's a good one to follow, just because I'm better in such areas do recognize that I am in no way better than you as a person overall. Besides, there are likely things you can do that I can't, I know for sure I'm no good with music actually. Naturally I'm not implying that you may feel like a failure though, that's just how I worded the saying, I'm sure you get what I mean >,>

    Just worried that maybe I made you feel inferior or something, if I did it was unintentional.
    Yeah, but as I have mentioned, I can only draw well when it comes to certain things and as such I can't draw everything...not even if I wanted to.
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