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  • No, I never really post my stuff anywhere because I throw myself into the stories I write, don't want just anyone knowing my real name. Also overall only my Sunshine Story would be classified as a FanFic I guess...eh, or maybe not, I really dunno much about such things. The only way I have allowed others to read my stories was through e-mail or PM though, yeah.
    That I am, Pokemon related stuff isn't in it as much really as I couldn't figure out how to include such things, but I am gonna have Colress make a cameo in the one Arc--studying the Porygon species as they travel through the digital world.
    Yep, I'm in Ontario right nearby Toronto, got a bridge connected to the U.S to my left and to my right. Thanks, that's the Viral version of Molgera that appears in my Tron cross-over, the story is still in the works but I have 19 chapters complete so far out of I don't know how many -,o
    Usually I can draw from my mind, only with certain things though really, otherwise I may just use an image but that doesn't always work. Here's a drawing I made through use of my mind alone though: http://oi46.tinypic.com/5lxxzk.jpg

    Hmmm, it's night here in my part of Canada, hope you had a nice Easter and everything too though.
    Err, no, no...I'm good at drawing but not that good, heheh, can't draw Eeveelutions that well anyways. I found it on deviantART while looking for forest images the other day--it was called the Forest of Leafeon of something.
    No problem, there are quite a few talented artists out there, I had first shown this to my digital sister as she also likes Leafeon but figured you of all people at ZD would also enjoy it :shinesprite:
    My sister introduced me to it, she used it for guides when she had trouble with LoZ games. I started playing LoZ quite a bit here lately (first time I've heavily played it in ages) so I decided to check out the guides and noticed there was a forum. So I signed up.

    Would you be upset if I drew you a late Valentine's Day thank you card? You of course get to pick what it is that I draw.
    I'll think about it, but if I do change it it'll be with art I design. But until I get a scanner I don't see that happening anytime soon.. ;<
    I may eventually do it, if I can think of a good layout that's not too flashy. I've always been a fan of vB's simple designing though. The colors work so well together.
    Ya, there's a lot of sexy stories revolving around those 2. I hope one day that Spike finds out that Rarity has had a secret crush on him all this time. <3
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