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  • Happy late birthday to you too! And thanks, thanks a lot :) But I guess I´ll make you disappointed, in fact I´m quite mediocre and will probably not be able to succeed with such remarkable things as those you propose. But thanks again and who knows :) We must believe that everything is possible, mustn´t we?
    hey i just came to say hi... by the way, have this happend to you: that you want to tell something to someone but you can't?
    You made me sound like a poopface Elliot.
    Anyway I hope I can make a speedy recovery.
    Oh and Dream Devourer, are you suggesting I treat her
    like crap? If you say so...lol
    lolz i just read what you posted on will's page wait did i say his real name ... oh well who cares he's gonna flip out on me and i'm gonna do whatever i feel like. probably curl myself up in the darkest corner i can find and either laugh or cry as i usually do. do you think you can edit out her name? so he doesn't know i told anyone on the forums.
    well... he will not take a hint. usually everyone at my school gives hugs because its so small. the other day she would not give him a hug "because she was sick" but then she gave a kid named carlos and myself a hug. lolz that pissed him off.
    he was once my friend... he joined the forums because i told him to. he fell in love with some one named sophie but she rejected him in a lie and as i said he is to blind or to dumb to see it.
    yes that shall be my DD name.

    i shall now hunt those that think peace within ourselves is going to save the world.
    yes i will join you and joshua.

    i will sneak into peoples rooms at night and go omnomnom on their dreams.

    this new setup is driving me insane i don't know where anything is anymore.
    Ack?! It was/is your birthday today?! Happy birthday, I hope it was a good one!
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