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  • i decided i wasn't going to go for anyone at the moment, so school and zelda are the only important things in my life.
    Ack... this rollback erased some of my comments and people off my friend list poo.. Thanks for showing me the two masks, but what were those songs again?
    merry christmas coming from an awesome friend:D. so what did you get? i got the metroid prime trilogy collectors edition.
    lolz on the will, now we must make fun of him.

    he went through just about the same thing she said "IF I WASN'T IN A RELATIONSHIP YOU WOULD BE THE PERFECT GUY." actual quote.

    to make you feel better you have been invited to join my website.
    i bought it from my friend for three dollars.
    it was fun but annoying inside of turtle rock.

    pwamimdorf will understand your pain more than i will.
    i said his real name twice in that sentence. if you can guess it then you get a prize! don't feel stupid.
    Yeah...is troo, i haven't been on in a while...is because im getting killed over and over again by mah love. Is a sad thing...

    Remember my story?
    It continues.
    She has been lying to me throughout the relationship, and now is coming to truth. And I'm sad- cuz im mad that she lied, and I wanna bring it to her, but i also dont wanna hurt her.

    Is a sad world i live in.

    And Link's Awakening...lucky you. Ive only seen screens of that game, and it looks fun!!!
    i didn't replace you. i wanted to talk to another asian like myself. i haven't seen you on very much. things are good. i just beat link's awakening today after i got out of school.
    Hello DreamDevourer. Long time no speak. How have things been with you lately?

    (If I am not mistaken, your name is a mix of latin and...if I am incorrect, Itallian?)
    why don't you tell me some secrets first? let's see who is the best secrets teller here.
    can i join your Guild (Dream Devourers?)
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