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  • i am also in for a long and lonely summer...

    i talked to sophie again... she is having a bad life. i told her she was lucky that she wasn't me... which she is, she has friends that care about her existence. i have three... she hangs out with her friends... mine are always busy. people like her and want her around... people want me gone...

    i want to disappear.
    i have tune my guitar again then i'm in business. have you heard of anti-flag? imma see them and alkaline trio at warped tour.
    i write more music nowadays... i've been teaching myself more stuff on the guitar... so i have something to do to pass the time but otherwise im alone... not in anyway any human should be... in groups im invisible. and outside of groups... same story.
    wow... a psychiatrist... i waana be a shrink so i can make others shrinks feel bad about what they do!!! ... ... ... ... ... ... well i can't do that cuz i'm a musician. (yes the teacher was from tacoma) she taught at a ****** school... (i don't think i should call it that...) i mean the special school...(?) i hung out with sophie for the first time (yesterday) since i told her i liked her a couple of months ago... then i talked to my friend that talks to her all the time... (but he has no affection for anyone all he cares about is school... and helping me get the girls that i like.) he told me something... when i told her (that i liked her) last time she sed something and everyone else sed she was lying to me... but yesterday my friend told me that she would never lie to me... then i reminded him that she would never lie to him and that i'm a different story... i would like to believe him... but its so hard to believe wen depression run my life.

    i'm constantly tired, i want to stab just about every guy i come in contact with, i am very unstable, I've been single 5 months... live actually does suck.
    things are going flat. no uphill, i think there might be a gradual downhill slope. but now that sophie is single i might try to make my move... again. did you see rise against?
    Hey dream dude, thanks for the list is so far good, by the way hear this and tell me what you think:
    Band: Atreyu
    Song: Bleeding mascara
    the band is kind of bullet for my valentine... (rock on)

    BTW i love Mick's mask
    Dream Eater dude, could you please send me a list of all the greatest and beastly songs you have heard?
    hey Dreamdevourer dude... you know what? i've been listening to i don't care from apocalyptica Ft. three days grace... and i can't stop listening to it, i just love that song... have you heard it? (you should)
    HEY!!! rise against will be in columbus! you should go!
    When:5/22/2010 12:00 AMWhere:Rock on the Range43085Columbus, OH
    it'll be awesome if you get it on camera for me!!!
    no... i've been promising girls that i'll go to china before i die... then they say goodbye. but this is all on facebook.
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