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    What would you like to see in the next BotW2 trailer?

    Gameplay. I don't care to see a story that will ultimately be given no attention and tossed aside in the final product.
  2. DarkestLink

    What rules or principals do you have when buying games?

    Money isn't tight. I'm just very stingy, bore easily, and have a bad habit of seeing games through in an attempt to justify my purchase, even if they bore me to tears....as such my general rule is to treat each game purchase like a car purchase in terms of research and consideration.
  3. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

    This was never important to begin with. LoZ itself is a pretty linear game, with most of the "non-linearity" coming from sequence breaking that would only be available if you used a guide or had already beaten the game and had knowledge of these things. At this point it would no longer be a...
  4. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

    It exists because: 1) Aonuma doesn't want to make a game the Zelda fans wanted. 2) The Zelda games Aonuma wanted to make weren't doing well. At least as far as sales goes, Zelda was regressing horribly. Breath of the Wild is actually the best of both worlds in that regard. By completely...
  5. DarkestLink

    Have You Ever Experimented With Drugs Or Used Them Recreationally?

    I honestly don't know what should be done as far as legalization goes. I believe adults should be as unhealthy as they want. They can decide if the risk is worth it. Wanna eat too much? If you feel the benefits of enjoying your favorite foods outweigh the health problems, go for it. Wanna lead a...
  6. DarkestLink

    Have You Ever Experimented With Drugs Or Used Them Recreationally?

    No. I've always been of the mindset that you would have to be completely insane to throw away your own mind like that. ....But I was once given a pot brownie without being told what it actually was. The experience was worse than I had anticipated. I was laughing and smiling, but I had no...
  7. DarkestLink

    Do you have a console bias for some series?

    Usually I hate playing on the PC due how unreliable it is, but with TES games....console commands are a must.
  8. DarkestLink

    Zelda's Role

    If the more recent Zeldas are any indications....damsel in distress. And this Zelda is pretty bland as it is, so I can't see them giving her a more active role.
  9. DarkestLink

    How would you change the overworld for BotW2?

    1) Start over. 2) Build the content first. And then build the world as needed. No more. No mass expanses of empty space that gives the player nothing to do. No lazy copy/pasted content in a desperate attempt to fill an overworld that's way too big for it. 3) Make it feel like a world, not a...
  10. DarkestLink

    Enjoying the grind

    Seems like an oxymoron. Grinding, by design, is meant to be dull tedious work. It has no place in gaming IMO and the only sensible use of it is in MMOs in which the developer's goal is to: 1) Waste as much as your time as possible, so you spend money longer. 2) Incentivize you to spend more...
  11. DarkestLink

    Can you take a compliment?

    Not really...and the strange thing is, I can't tell if it's because I'm too humble or too arrogant. It's hard to describe, but I suppose one example is that I tend not to view myself as intelligent...rather I consider myself to be "normal" and just about everyone else to be an idiot. A very...
  12. DarkestLink

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    Ashamed to admit, when I first saw it I was like "Android 17 is joining Smash, wtf?"
  13. DarkestLink

    Favorite Zelda Stage in Smash Brothers?

    Tier A 1. Bridge of Eldin 2. Temple Tier B 3. Gerudo Valley Tier C 4. Hyrule Castle 5. Great Bay 6. Skyloft Tier D 7. Great Plateau Tower Tier F 8. Spirit Train 9. Pirate Ship
  14. DarkestLink

    Are the enemies in BotW cute?

    Definitely agree...although this isn't something I view with fondness.
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