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    After re-beating the DS games

    The flute's really easy with any DS system. The Wii U on the other hand...*shudder* But yeah, ST can be pretty tricky. I'd say it has the hardest final dungeon--hell the hardest dungeon period in the entire series with the Tower of Spirits final area.
  2. DarkestLink

    What Do You Hate/Dislike About BOTW?

    1) The empty world. This has to be the emptiest, most boring overworld I've ever had to suffer. I know Open Worlds are infamous for their giant worlds, but usually they have activity and/or a quick method to travel to certain areas before fast travel is unlocked (i.e. carriages). Not only is...
  3. DarkestLink

    Flying Machine

    Since nobody has made a topic on this, I thought I'd show off one of BOTW's newest glitchs "The Flying Machine" with this guide I made a few days ago. Enjoy flying around like Superman! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwJ14Pe9qcs
  4. DarkestLink

    Is the Master Sword good for anything?

    Well aside from regenerating, I guess, but in terms of DPS is it useful for anything? There's plenty of swords stronger than even the enhanced 60 damage MS. Hell, Guardian Sword++ is very easy to come by and, with Ancient Armor, does 72 damage. Gear of the Wild only increases the sword beam...
  5. DarkestLink

    TPHD-Wii U Any way to save the amiibo?

    So I did the Cave of Shadows the first two times, didn't get hit once, thought the rest would be just as easy, so I didn't bother saving the amiibo....but now this leaves me without a way to heal. Is there a way to save the amiibo without beating all 40 floors? Nevermind. Managed to beat it...
  6. DarkestLink

    Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks North America Release Date?

    ....Seriously, what is taking them so long to release these on the Wii U? Anyone know an ETA on this?
  7. DarkestLink

    TPHD-Wii U Sooo....we can now buy from Chudley?

    With the new biggest wallet, I believe we're not able to purchase items from Chudley before Malo Mart takes over. Has anyone done it? What happens? Does he gasp with surprise that you "got it"? Does he just not sell you the item anyway? Does he start weeping because a mere peasant was able to...
  8. DarkestLink

    TPHD-Wii U Why is the text so tiny?

    I never understood why they did this with Skyward Sword either, but here it's just jarring. Why did they make the text so small? There's still a lot of open space in the text box they could be using and now I have to sit really close to the TV to see it. x.x
  9. DarkestLink

    Are we just...not getting Super Mario or Paper Mario?

    We're starting to reach the end of the Wii U's life, and we still haven't see a Paper Mario title or a Super Mario collectathon. Are we just not getting them this console generation?
  10. DarkestLink

    Hyrule Warriors More of a shake up in HW

    Wind Waker's style wouldn't fit and it's in a different timeline, so no.
  11. DarkestLink

    Best warp system in Zelda

    TP is the best with Majora's Mask behind it. The others don't compare.
  12. DarkestLink

    Who was the more threatening; Ghirahim or Zant?

    Zant. Ghirahim was an easy first boss, which made him lose all intimidation to me.
  13. DarkestLink

    The most non-Zelda Zelda title

    I see no problem with ST. Exploration hasn't been a big part of Zelda for ages and even then it's part of a minority. I'm gonna say AoL.
  14. DarkestLink

    MM-3DS Original or 3DS Remake? What would you recommend to a new player?

    Go for the original if you want an easier game. Go for the remake if you want to remove the risk of the game crashing and losing save data.
  15. DarkestLink

    Why the Need for a Magic Meter?

    It offers nothing but a hindrance to fun. It places unnecessary limits on some items while giving room to other OP items. With luck, it will replenish itself in the future like it did in ABLW, but up until then it has been a plague on this series.
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