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  • you're welcome^^. Thats great! My christmas went off without a hitch, I was happy giving presents to my parents and watching my little sister and little cousins opening their christmas presents. So yeah it was good. So BTW have you ever played pokemon black and white 2?
    Heheh, pajamas, they certainly can be very comfortable =w=

    Good you had a nice Christmas though, here's hoping your illness does disappear quickly so you can go shopping, also because awesome people deserve to have awesome New Years and stuff...some kind of medicine has to be able to help you go from sick to awesome again o,o

    As for me, I got mostly money as well and some other little things, overall I'm satisfied though :>
    I know where sympathy belongs and when to give it, so twas no issue at all, you are quite welcome :)

    So, did you have an overall alright Christmas and stuff? I hope so, certainly is no fun you'll be spending the New Years ill v,v
    Yeah, I was just watching my Activity Stream and noticed my friend Triforce King mentioning getting better...and considering I've seen you around in the SB and stuff I can easily say you're a nice lady, so you're welcome, hopefully the illness leaves you as soon as possible ^^
    I quite liked that song you posted in the "What are you currently listening to?" thread. Never heard of that band, though.

    You still have good taste in music!
    WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY ;_______________________;
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