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  • It is good, except for the constant filler arcs (Bleach). I am also very busy with many homework and other activities. Particularly because I do most group assignments by myself rather than working with a group. I work better by myself than with a discoordinated team. Either way, I am saving money for the 3DS. I got the opportunity to check it at a local store, it is indeed an ergonomic and fancy device.
    Sorry for the late response.... It's just that i have been very busy on school... exams and stuff...
    I plan on buying pokemon black, however, due to the lack of money xD I began a new game on my soulsilver version, that'll do for now xD
    Yaaay. It's so cute but the ending made me cry buckets. I can't wait for the next season! Oh, have fun on camp. x3
    Definitely. It's my new favourite anime. OBESSION HERE :D I love Angel Beats too. ^^
    OMG. Just saw your signature. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Death Note is just amazing. :D:D:D:D
    Don't worry :) I've been fine, thanks :D
    Pokemon Black & White are already out in here... but I have no money so...
    Which one are you going to buy?
    Nothing much, I am still doing much progress on my guitar. Also, a good friend of mine left my town and school and it is kind of boring without him in school.
    How are you doing?
    Also, are you sure you want to buy the game? You can download it very easily. How much does it cost?
    Not my favorite game, one of them and YES! you should get it, this game is so hilarious! Tips: don't skip when crazy dave is talking, don't buy the Game of The Year edition, and always put kernel-pluts on levels with Grargantuars (it is really effective).
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