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    Well, happy birthday in advance then :clap:! Yeah, I came back here a few weeks ago mostly due to boredom as well.
    Hehe, I could never think of anything to say either, that's why I look for the threads that I know a lot on. Maybe blogging actually helps my ability to jabber on about things!! :) Making new friends? Sounds fun, the chatbox is especially helpful. Try get lots of rep, Chelsie-chan, then you'll have access, if you havn't got it already. :)
    It's so funny, almost all the people here from my time are Hylian Knights in purple. I kinda wish I'd stuck around a bit now... at least I'm still a bit popular in this place. :D Thanks for the cosplay mention :), I'm actually getting the equipment stuff first, then I'll work on the costume, my grandma says she'll help and she's great at sewing! Grandma's are great at that stuff!! :D I'll probably post a pic on fb or something...
    Hehe, I didn't get almost straight a's on my mid-term report for nothing, you know. ;) It was on two threads that I made some mega posts, Suicide - Your thoughts? and Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass?. It was actually quite fun, and I got extra rep, I'm now up to like, four hearts!! :D Me gotz another heart container. :) Everyone is so nice, especially when I went on I was talking with an old friend, Majora's Cat. :) We go waaay back to last year, it was so good to talk with him again. :)
    I know, isn't it great to be back on? I've been posting a little more now, it's so great that everyone I see welcomes me back. :)
    When your life's terrible, this is always a place you can return to. That's what I've learnt.
    Oh, hey :). I've been doing pretty good, how have you been?
    Wow, sorry I havent been on here in a while LMAO....yeah I like some Anime...I like Sailor Moon and Inuyasha :)
    Yeah it has been a while. I'm sorry I haven't responded............ >.< I'm pretty good. Been more relaxed lately than I've been for a while, which is nice. How about you?
    Certain activities are far to long for one student, and as such it is advisable to make them in groups. But I mostly prefer to work alone because my other classmates tend to take to long to organize themselves out. The 3DS is very expensive for me now, but I hope to collect enough for Ocarina's release in June. Also, have you taken a look to the new RPG's that are coming for Wii. I hope this E3 holds its surprises, particularly a new Starfox for the home consoles.
    No problem ^^
    Well I had a little accident and I was in the hospital for 3 days, after that I could barely walk for a week, now I feel better.
    Oh and I'm on a big break from school.
    How are you?
    Yeah, it was Hellsing, Alucard would have to be the best vampire of all time, still if you want another vampire anime to check out, there is always Black Blood Brothers.
    I've been great thanks! What about you? I've been watching anime and stuff. You ever watched Clannad? x3
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