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  • Yeah St and Ph are good games so i reccomend ou play them

    I have also played Twilight princess
    I think her backstory is better than the other partners, and she's not as annoying as them either! (Take that Navi!)
    Hello! Thanks for the FR! So do you like the Link x Midna pairing? That's great! I'm not too big a fan of the pairing, but I think Midna is the coolest partner in the series!
    I'm good thanks :)

    I can tell that you have played majora's mask but have you played on any others?
    Oh, cool. I'll definitely have a look at them, although I can't really promise I'll be able to answer. We'll see. :sweat:

    I do reply to pretty much every message I get, but I'm busy so sometimes I'll only go through and reply to my VMs once a week. I try to do it two or more times a week if I have time though. For the record, most people will take longer than a single day to respond, especially if they can't get on every day. ;)
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