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  • Haha! It's always fun to play Zelda with her because you never know what she's going to say. For instance, I was showing her the upgrade trailer for Skyward Sword, and once she saw the Amber Relic, she said, "Hey, it's a goldfish!" Now, I can't resist calling the Amber Relic a goldfish~ Oh, and she's absolutely terrified of spiders, so whenever she sees a Skulltula (or even a Walltula), she will freak out. She'll end up kiiling it in the end, but she will have to freak out beforehand... :lol:

    You have an aunt that enjoys Zelda? That's so awesome! :D A couple of my cousins are Zelda fans, but they're the only family members that I know of that are familiar with the Zelda series...

    Whenever I draw on my tablet (I own a Bamboo Fun too), I go straight to Corel Painter Essentials 4. I have Photoshop, but I prefer Corel. It's easier to get used to, especially since I already use GIMP for my graphics. It feels so weird to use Photoshop...
    Ah yes, the Lyre Trailer... I only watched the very beginning... so, basically the part where Zelda is strumming the lyre. xD I want to watch the trailer SO badly, but I promised myself that I'm not going to get spoiled... :sweat: So, I had my friend watch it and try to sum it all up for me. She's quite new to the Zelda series, so this is what I got from her:

    *After I had her watch the video*
    Me: So what happened? Could you try and sum it up for me? Please?
    Friend: Well, that one evil guy jumped off of a cliff-
    Me: Ghirahim...
    Friend: Yeah, him! Then Zelda raised a magical, sparkling harp into the air-
    Me: It's a lyre...
    Friend: Right! A Lyre. Later, Link started playing the harp-
    Me: Lyre...
    Friend: Sorry... lyre. Well, as Link was strumming the magical lyre, some colorful birds started flying around him. Then, later on, Link jumped onto his bird and flew off to a world of clouds and nothingness. Shortly after that, a purpleish-blue fish spirit fairy thing started spinning around in circles with the lyre. The magical lyre then spun around and landed into Link's hands.
    Me: .....Is that it?
    Friend: That's all that I can remember. Did you understand any of that?
    Me: Ehh... not really... ^_^;

    :lol: She makes me laugh. We started cracking up afterwards. It's SO fun to play Zelda with her! She's my only friend who actually knows what the Zelda series is (I got her started on Twilight Princess ), so that is the best "translation" that I can get right now. :sweat:

    Oh, and she acted out the entire thing for me. It was priceless~ :lol:

    Traditional drawing is my forte, so I stick with that most of the time. But I absolutely love the look of digital art, so I've been trying to pick up on different techniques for that. But, nothing is working for me! Does it differ depending on what program and tablet you use?

    You're welcome! ^^ I don't mind friend requests at all~
    Same here! I'm refraining myself from watching videos and reading reviews. :P Especially since Nintendo is starting to show story elements... I WILL NOT BE SPOILED.

    Yay, you starting posting them! :D I just saw your Din artwork too. I love your style of drawing. I don't know how you can draw hair so well... I'm terrible at digital drawing. Traditional drawing I can easily do... But digital? Nope. Not yet. I guess that I'm not exactly used to my tablet just yet. I'm assuming that it takes some time~
    I know, I do too! But, GUESS WHAT? Tomorrow is the first of November! xDDDD AHHH, I'm so excited! :D

    Well, even though you don't have a Wii console, at least you are able to play it anyways! ;3 Have you watched the unboxing videos on the front page of ZD?
    Well, if you have ideas for the entire month, then you might as well go for it! ^^ Plus, after you start playing Skyward Sword, you should be pretty inspired by then~ I know that I will... :zelda:
    Okay then, I'll be sure to tell you! ^^

    Neat! That sounds so awesome! I can't wait~ When are you going to start?
    Oh, I would love to see a Zelda-a-Day art project! That's a great way to celebrate the release of Skyward Sword! As for your debate on whether or not you should post them in little bundles or individually, I think that you should do a little bit of both~ ;D It should depend on your free time and how much you have of it... If you're able to update it every day, then I say go for it! But if you've been amazingly busy lately, you should probably post it in chunks.

    Well, thanks! I'll keep an eye out for your fan-fic too. ;3 And I'll be sure to notify you when I post a fan-fic. It might be a while, but I'll post one eventually! :D
    Ah, I see. I tend to do that too. If I have recently finished a Zelda game, I will go straight to that section and see if I can answer any questions or state my opinions and theories... I'll normally hang around there for a while. :P

    Yes, the art/writing forums. I have been spending a LOT of time there recently. I haven't posted anything there, but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to someday. ;) I'm actually planning on writing a fan-fic sometime in the near future, and I would love to start an art thread. Sadly, I'm not a very fast artist though. :sweat: I wouldn't be able to update it very often...
    You're quite welcome~ ^^ And I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself! What's been your favorite forum to post in so far?
    Hello there, CelticMagician! I see that you are kind of new here still, so let me welcome you to the ZDungeon Forums! If you have any questions, feel free to ask anybody here; we'd be happy to help~

    Oh, and remember to read AND respect the forum rules, and have fun posting around the forums!

    Happy Posting! :zelda:
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