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  • It's been awhile since we've spoken :D sorry for the super random VM but would you assist us in the forum games in one of our most successful efforts yet to count to 100 before a mod posts?!
    Soon to be five days! *Squeals with joy* :D

    Exactly. Where did the time go? Time... come back....... But leave Skyward Sword with me. ;3
    Wow, time did fly... It feels like just yesterday I was looking at the leaked artwork with Fi and Link! Now, two years later, the long-awaited day is coming! Skywardswordskywardswordskywardswordskywardswordsk.......... :bleh:
    It's VERY disheartening...

    Did you know that Skyward Sword is only about nine days away? I can hardly believe it! :D :D :D
    I know~ But why do they have to be so expensive... :dry: For a decent Master Sword (or Hylian Shield for that matter), it costs at least $100. For a detailed and realistic Master Sword, you have to pay $200-$400...
    That must of been amazing to actually watch it on the televison! :D I have yet to see it on the TV. I would be gleeing over it too... Oh, how I want a Master Sword... :mastersword:
    A creepypasta kick... :lol:

    It is definitely not bad that you enjoy scaring people~ It's fun sometimes! :P

    You saw a Skyward Sword trailer on TV? AWESOME!! xDDDDD Which one? The one with the Hylians Shields and Master Swords falling out of the sky?
    Wow, four Pokemon creepypastas? Plus, the Zelda one?

    *Plays the Song of Double Time* Narrative: "You played the Song of Double Time! Proceed to the dawn of November 20th?"
    Yes <=

    It's hard to choose between all of them, but it's my favorite so far too! :D
    I just read it. I can see that happening in-game; you made the story so believeable! ^^ I love it! You should really post this on ZDungeon... Are you planning on making any more creepypastas?

    14 more days... 14.....1....4.... :D

    Random statement, but I saw your "Din's Fire" painting, and must I say, it is absolutely magnificent! :clap: The expression on Link's face, mixed with the fiery atmosphere- It create's an epic vision that can tell a story from one's mind~ Great job! :D
    Ahh! Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thaaannk yoooouu!!
    The project it still in the planning phase-- But by the rate that we're moving at, we're probably going to start early next year-- Just make sure you don't have anything major coming up!

    Your drawings can just be sketches. I'll be cleaning them up to save you the time.
    Thank you so much once again!
    Yes! That would be great if you could send me a link~ ;3

    Oh, yes, Deviantart should have a good amount of tutorials for Corel. DA is where I get all of my signature tutorials... :D

    Okay, so are you checking the front page of ZD? They're updating it like crazy! I can't bare it any longer... >.< 16 days... just 16 more days...
    Haha! Yes, my friend tends to narrate too~ :P I can't even remember all of the things that she has said... I should really document these things~ :lol:

    I'll have to read your creepypasta! ^^ Have you posted it on ZDungeon yet?

    I probably would have been scared if I had played Majora's Mask before I read and watched BEN. :sweat: I bet you that if I finished reading/watching BEN now, I would understand what's happening in the story and I might freak out a little bit the next time that I play MM~ :P

    Alright, I'll start searching for those tutorials! ^^ They should be pretty easy to find, right?
    Haha! She's your hero? Lol... ;D

    That is so cool! xD Tell your aunt that she is MY hero... :lol:

    You wrote a Zelda creepypasta? Awesome! I still think about BEN sometimes... It wasn't scary, but it was a little bit creepy... especially since there were videos to accompany it. ;3 I never got to finish BEN's story. I should finish it, I liked reading it~

    Yes, I will definitely look up some tutorials. I didn't think about doing that... :S
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