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    Best replay value?

    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I've put hundreds of hours in and own the game on multiple consoles because I am awful with my time and money.
  2. BoxTar

    Spoilers!!! A Certain Mission Within the Realm of A Certain Clan

    Yes, that is what happened to me as well and I had a ****ton of hearts. I think it was to encourage stealth and not just strong arming it, even though you can if you're good enough at the combat.
  3. BoxTar

    Malon, Marin... Paya?

    Link X Paya is a valid, feasible ship. 10/10 would strip in front of Paya again. I see Link and Zelda as close friends, but there aint nothing romantic in there, at least that they showed to us. Zelda was way too involved with her destiny **** to even care about hitting that up.
  4. BoxTar

    Spoiler - ending question

    Beats me, man, I have no idea what they're doing with the DLC. Could just be a "where the plot goes from here" sort of thing that shows/movies/games tend to do sometimes. Again, it might be and it might not be.
  5. BoxTar

    Spoiler - ending question

    The game goes back to the last saved file, i.e. right before you defeat Ganon. So that's why the mission is incomplete, and the guardians are still active. This has been the case with all Zeldas (at least the 3D ones), so its nothing that new. I wouldn't say the Vah Ruta thing would be the...
  6. BoxTar

    The music of BoTW

    I disagree, honestly. I for one am a sucker for well composed piano pieces, and BotW delivered in spades in that regard. I like how there's no overworld theme, for the most part. I don't think I'd be able to handle a looping track of music as I walk across fields and valleys. It sorta adds to...
  7. BoxTar

    Your Favorite Ganon Fights

    Alright, so I just wrapped up Breath of the Wild and was comparing several things about it to other games. One of the first things that came to mind: the final fight with Ganon. Note that I will be going into detail about the fight against Ganon in BotW, so if you haven't beaten him yet and...
  8. BoxTar

    Favourite and Least Favourite BoTW Character

    Oh God, favorites...where to start. Favorite overall characters would have to be...Kass, the Rito that assists you (the white one, his name escapes me), and the Gerudo chief (name escapes me again, I suck with names sometimes). I loved just roaming across the world and hearing the accordion. I...
  9. BoxTar

    Ever Had Delayed Onset Buyers Remorse?

    I wrote the follow up blog in a fit of rage, so maybe I'll go back and finish it. But it still stands that the game pissed me off, and thus, even if I finish it, I'll have that bitter taste in my mouth of that time where I got caught in a battle I didn't want to be in and I couldn't ****ing run...
  10. BoxTar

    Should someone else handle Sonic?

    Sonic was a lost cause since its conception and only keeps going based on the fume of nostalgia, memes and false memories. The sooner the series dies, the less furries we'll have in the future (in theory).
  11. BoxTar

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    I aint gonna list specific categories cuz I'm just gonna repeat what others have already said. I'll just say that SS is a ****ing trash babby game for trash babbies. Now, obviously, if you enjoy it, that's fine, I'm just being a lil **** and using extreme hyperbolic humor for the sake of...
  12. BoxTar

    I wasn't even aware that you yelled at me so don't even sweat it haha.

    I wasn't even aware that you yelled at me so don't even sweat it haha.
  13. BoxTar

    Zelda DLC and Expansions

    My personal take? No ****s given. All the stuff there is **** I don't care about. Hard mode? Meh. Cave of Ordeals? Ok. The new dungeon and original story bit is interesting. My only qualm is not being able to pick what you want from the DLC. That's kinda scummy. Otherwise? My opinion is...
  14. BoxTar

    BotW review embargo

    Well its also cuz most metacritic critics are bought af.
  15. BoxTar

    BotW review embargo

    You scared the **** out of me with that title. I thought Nintendo was withholding reviews from critics, and thats always the kiss of death for games. As for when or which reviewers I'm looking for, its more of Let's Players/streamers I'm looking forward to see play it and get their take. People...
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