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  • yeah man it was great. i got to watch the industry grow as i got older, it was so fun to watch. and as far as my memories go, its nice that i was around and playing games back when all that stuff was first comeing around, so when i go and play all of it again, it takes me back to a place when i was more innocent. if you ever have the chance to learn how to mod and use emulators, do it. it is so much easier to use emulators than it is to find a working NES not to mention the original copys of the games. but definatly take the time to appriciate where we came from in the gameing industry. this has been my passion since i was like 5 years old
    i grew up as a nintendo kid as well. up untill the GC. i had all the nintendos before that. but i decided to get a PS2 and kinda stuck with PS3 when it came out, there were too many franchises i got into in my High School days. God of War, Prince of Persia. i Bought an xbox just for Halo, and got a 360 when Halo 3 came out. it broke. bought another one when Halo Reach came out..... it broke. And i just recently got a 3rd 360 when halo 4 came out. i cant go without, even if i know the xbox is gonna poop on me. i also have a Wii, which i have modded and play more than my ps3 or 360 cuz i have modded it and use my Wii basicly for a NES SNES SEGA GENESIS, GBA, and i play all those old games constantly, Old Zelda. Lots and Lots of MegaMan. plus i have recently been playing a lot of Fan Made Zelda Games, i found a remake of the original LoZ with SNES graphics. it looks awesome. anyways, thats what i play, im a retro junkie!
    Seems pretty cool... I should see if I can pick it up when I get a chance. I'm actually a really big fan of rough and unpolished music. It just carries this sort of... feel to it.
    Have you ever seen any interviews with Brian/Nikki? They always do interviews together... and it always seems to be them that do interviews. But Brian is just hilarious!
    The first one I was introduced to was Swoon, and I honestly have to take that one over the rest. It has to be the sort of (no pun intended) dark feel it carries. It's just something about coming from the more upbeat "There's No Secrets This Year" into the dark outro, and then into The Royal We, and then the rest of the album is just awesome. I've only heard Carnavas a handful of times, so I can't really judge it. I freaking LOVE Neck of the Woods, with songs like Gun-Shy Sunshine, The Pit, Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings), and Dots and Dashes (Enough Already).
    I still haven't heard Pikul. What does Pikul sound like? Like, in comparison to the rest of their stuff?
    I was just continueing the conversation, i wasnt upset by your comment or nothing, everyone is entitled to their opinion. So what other games do you play besides Zelda that is?
    They're probably like my third favorite band evar.
    I've heard all of their work except for Pikul... my favorite of theirs is Swoon, but sadly the only one I own is Neck of the Woods. I still freaking love Neck of the Woods, though. :D I've been meaning to get Swoon for a while.

    So which of their albums/songs is your favorite?
    Whoa Whoa Whoa, how did modest mouse sell out. ive been listening to them since "this long a drive with nothing to think about" and seriousely think that every one of them has gotten better. We were all dead, is one of my favorite albums, ill agree i didnt care for "no ones first and you next" but i love all their stuff man. maybe they changed their style a lil bit from that trippy weird stuff they used to do. but i think the newer stuff is better than that old dreary sounding stuff!
    I love me some modest moust. that stuff gets me going. i got all their albums man. as far as 90's im more of a nirvana, sublime, Pearl Jam, chilli peppers, after the 90's i dove into the Punk Scene right before it died. there are still a few bands from the scene i like, and i still like all the albums that came out at that time, but..... I dont know i think prime example is Alkaline Trio, ome of my favorite band released 6 amazeing albums, then all of a sudden it is literally the worst albums ever released by any band ever. LOL its that bad. the past two have been really bad and this one that they are about to release is shapeing into the same stuff. And to think i got a trio tattoo.
    music and videogames bud, thats all i do...... that and work. Cake Life for someone pushin 30. whats some modern stuff you listen too. i'''ll go ahead and throw mine out there and tell you im a HUGE Coheed and Cambria fan. as well as a LOT of other stuff, i listen to alil of everything. Oh and my buddy has that I Might Be Wrong. its really good, and fun to listen too since RH is one of the only bands i listen too that i have never seen! Kid A was his favorite, i used to get creeped out by that album till it grew on me, i would say my top three would be 3)OK Computer 2)Insomnia,..wait, what was it, something like that, had the "Black eyed angel" song 1) you already know, the bends.
    Love Both your profile pics. Mars Volta is the tits, and The Bends is my favorite Radiohead Album ever, and i have a top 5! De-Loused was my favorite Mars Volta though. an i seen the lil message in you sig. i do know what your user name means as well as your title but didnt really get into porcupine tree, my friend that introduced me to mars volta listens too them a good bit though. good to meet you!
    I've heard De-loused, I've heard the singles from Frances, and that's it. But you should go to their Wikipedia page in the History section, and look at the big quote from Cedric's series of tweets. It explains everything regarding their break up.
    I'm not all too sad though, because like you said, they're both amazing musicians. Plus they never sleep (they both have like a billion projects outside of Mars Volta), so we're bound to hear from Cedric or Omar soon.
    Yep. :D It's definitely my favorite of theirs.
    Yours is... Deloused in the Crematorium, correct? I'm not too familiar with The Mars Volta's albums... I just started listening to them a few days ago (a freaking week after they break up...).
    No problem. :D

    And agreed! I've only really seen a few, but it's glad to know that there are people with good taste in music and games, lol.
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