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    Doctor Who Mafia

    No matter how the events hereafter play out... MAFIA WINS GAME OVER
  2. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    So, one vote decides it, huh? PK Flash is out of the game. Her role was Harriet Jones (Neutral). The end is getting closer and closer. THE NINTH NIGHT BEGINS!! This night will end on 9/10/12, at 5 PM Central Time.
  3. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    The end is in sight as the sun rises on the town. After eight grueling days of game time, the ninth day crawls up on the players like a bad taste lingering on one's taste buds. Looks like we have another night kill tonight, and the victim is Rachel. Rachel's role was Mickey Smith (Town). Also...
  4. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    Here's the results: 2 Votes for MadameMajora 1 Vote for TheMasterSword MadameMajora, you tried hard. His role was River Song (Neutral). Another neutral player bites the dust as the game gets closer and closer to the finale. That leaves us with six players. THE EIGHTH NIGHT BEGINS...
  5. AnimeHat

    A Link Between Worlds Majora's Mask 3DS

    I'm not to picky, but I would prefer the option to choose. There would be times when I prefer it on the top screen, and times on the bottom. I'm leaning more towards the bottom seeing as how it might get in the way of beautiful new graphics.
  6. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    Oops, mistake on my part. Just edited that out.
  7. AnimeHat

    Name Your Loftwing

    LEEEROOOOOY JEEENKINNS!! I could scream that every time I jumped off a platform, and I would be calling my loftwing.
  8. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    All right, it looks like we weren't so lucky this time as far as nightkills. Tonight's Nightkill was Timeless. His role was Ood Sigma (Town). Look's like another townie's down. We seem to be lynching more now, but we need to make sure who we're lynching is actually Mafia. Good luck, guys! The...
  9. AnimeHat

    Zelda Music - Memorable, Quality or Both?

    I think the quality of music should be so good that it becomes memorable, so both. And yes, I love the quality and memorability of all of Zelda's various themes and melodies!
  10. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    Sorry for being gone so long. Let's wrap up this day: 3 Votes for MadameMajora 3 Votes for Night Owl We appear to have a tie. However, Night Owl has been unactive for quite some time. Looks like he's going to be modkilled anyway. Night Owl's role was Martha Jones (Town). MadameMajora, you have...
  11. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    Ask, and you shall receive. Since we still can't seem to come to a vote, I'll extend the time. This day will end on Monday, August 13th at 5 PM Central Time. This is the beginning of the end, so let's go out with a bang.
  12. AnimeHat

    Link's Death As an Ending?

    There is an ending where Link fails. It's called the third timeline split. XD But seriously, I think it would be interesting if Link actually died, but it would have to be a good ending, not something cheesey.
  13. AnimeHat

    What is Links Most Iconic Item? (besides His Sword and Shield)

    It's either bombs or his bow and arrow. That's what I think of when I think about Link's inventory.
  14. AnimeHat

    Plot Similarities in OoT and Pokemon 2000

    I noticed this while watching Pokemon 2000 a little while ago with a friend. I noticed that the plot is actually very similar to the first portion of Ocarina of Time. We have Ash, a chosen hero that the legends speak of. We have Melody, a character that easily represents Zelda. We also have a...
  15. AnimeHat

    Doctor Who Mafia

    All right, sorry for being gone so long. I was unable to access the internet for the past few days and I didn't alert anyone about it. I didn't see it coming and couldn't prevent it. But now that I'm back, we'll begin the new day. No nightkills tonight, surprisingly. The Living Josh Night...
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