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  • It's great, especially on a handheld. You own your own house and interact with the other people in the town, you can do all sorts of day to day activities aswell.
    I have a 3DS, my friend code is 2277-6780-0084 feel free to add me and I'll add you when I get home from work tonight.
    I'll probably get it, but it'll be like a year from now. I'm gonna try to hold out until a special edition comes out. How about you?
    Oh, well I probably don't know her then. I thought maybe you were talking about my cousin's name. Her name was Amber as well, actually.
    I already have Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited and New Super Mario Bros U.
    Aside from that I'll probably get (some not yet announced but I'll assume they will be): Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Pikmin 3, Zelda, Pokémon (if its any good), Rayman Legends, Mario Galaxy 3 (if it ever happens, it would be great in HD), Donkey Kong, Wind Waker & 4 Swords Adventures (Virtual Console), Paper Mario and whatever else takes my interest. How about you?
    That's cool, I like weird stories....as long as they kinda make sense lol. Well, I'm not dating anyone but I might know her....how old is she?
    Oh, I forgot lol Happy Late Thanksgiving as well XD. That's awesome your nunchuck works, is Okami as good as people say it is?
    Ah, okay awesome. The Wind Waker wasn't bad, but I have the same problem that I do with Skyward Sword; I feel like I have to go out of my way to have fun lol. I mean, they were both great the first time I played them, but I can't beat them again, they're too long XD.
    yeah my chickens eat everything lol. your turtles name was pretty cool and i also wouldnt eat a
    turtle....unless i had too lawl.u still playing mm?
    I was invited to two invite only events and also saw it at an Australian gaming expo called the EB Games Expo. Its great :) The controller is very light but also very comfortable and everyone was having fun there with the console. You had a chance yet?
    Ah ok, I need a break too (at least we get six weeks at Christmas) but we don't have thanksgiving here in Australia. I put my preorder down on the 18th, I'll be picking it up on launch day (November 30th). I'll get Nintendo Land (since I'm getting the premium pack) and New Super Mario Bros U so all up its about $500 :( Any of the games interest you?
    I'm ok, or as ok as I can be at school :P
    So are you planning to get a Wii U anytime soon?
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