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    JetPunx-R's Art Stuff

    Awesome drawings! The Pokemon ones are especially awesome :)
  2. A.rae

    The Homework Help Thread

    I got stuck in this really hard class and I can't get out it's a math/medicine class. I have no freakin' idea what I'm doing and I'm going insane trying to figure it out. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this? or any guesses? A 4 year old boy has entered the hospital for a severe sinus...
  3. A.rae

    Weirdest Thing In Your Closet

    Nothing that weird at the moment, but before I tore a hole in it there was a 4-foot tall pink inflatable dolphin in my closet.
  4. A.rae

    Explaining Bad Grades

    How do you show your parents bad grades? More importantly, how do you prevent them from being insanely angry? I'll have about 2 B's and 3 C's in my classes after finals(hopefully) and I need to tell my parents and keep them from exploding out of anger. They tend to put a lot of pressure on me...
  5. A.rae

    Post Your Christmas List!

    So post all the game related stuff you want for Christmas here! Mine: Batman Arkham Orgins Blackgate Animal Crossing New Leaf Mario Party Island Tour Kid Icarus Uprising Starfox 64 3d Nintendo/game related shirts 3ds screen protector/cleaning cloth/Mario headphones bundle I know I'm...
  6. A.rae

    A Link Between Worlds Stratagey Guide

    Does anyone know the difference between the regular guide and the collectors edition guide? Is the collectors guide worth it? It's like $10 more at gamestop and I plan on getting one of them when I pick-up my pre-ordered copy.
  7. A.rae

    Zelda Art ALinkToTheWebcomic

    Your welcome! and thanks! I wanted to make more stuff but I ran out of mini Legos lol I also have a triforce and pokeball I made.
  8. A.rae

    Zelda Art ALinkToTheWebcomic

    Very cool and funny, keep it up!
  9. A.rae

    General Art A.rae's Art

    Thanks rainy! right now I'm working on a Zelda wind waker drawing and I made Mario out of legos so I'll put those up soon.
  10. A.rae

    General Art A.rae's Art

    Wow, a triple post :dry: anyways, I have another drawing: It was for SammyClassicSonicFan's birthday, he makes videos on youtube. Here's his link if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/user/SammyClassicSonicFan?feature=g-high-u
  11. A.rae

    Spoiler 3ds Game Collection

    What was in the gold coin edition?
  12. A.rae

    Gaming Set-up

    So basically you put a picture on here of where you play games at and your gaming set up. Mine: Yeah, I have a HD tv and only a ps2 hooked up to it, I used to have a Wii but my parents put it in he living room to watch Netflix :dry: might get either a ps3 or wii u, not really sure which...
  13. A.rae

    Spoiler 3ds Game Collection

    Make a list or post a picture of all your 3ds games! Mine: I also have the 20 Ambassador games A Link Between Worlds is pre-ordered
  14. A.rae

    What Do You Consider Cheating?

    I agree with you. I don't consider it cheating if you use a walkthrough, I use them whenever I have tried a level for a while but still have no idea what to do and I'm starting to get mad. I don't use cheats in games until after I have beaten them, like using an action replay to get event...
  15. A.rae

    General Art A.rae's Art

    So I decided to make my first sonic oc: He is a wolf named pyro
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