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  • Hey, I've been awesome :) I had my first day of school yesterday and got this. Also I'm going to the Symphony of the Goddesses tomorrow :) How have you been?
    Not really, just Black Ops 2. I only play it because I like the zombie mode in it lol, have you gotten anything new? other then Mario anyways
    Ah that's pretty cool sounding, how is Sticker Star? Yeah, I can play keyboard, I mean I'm not like Beethoven or anything yet, but I can play pretty good. I've got three years of experience so I just got a new one you know
    Thats good and thank you, but I got a keyboard(piano), 3ds case and something else i cannot think of for some reason lol you?
    It never snows here not even in winter (June-August), I've only ever seen snow once when I was on a school camp. Christmas is always hot here since its in Summer. Does it snow where you live?
    Ah ok then. We have to do English every year here and maths, History/Geography and Science every year until year 10. Also, こんにちは。:)
    Ok cool (but I don't get the numbers at the end of English, Art and Spanish).
    I don't start the class until next year and it isn't offered at my school. I'm doing it via distance education, they send me the work via email and I do it at school during free periods. Then every now and then I have to go into the city and take a test.
    Next year I start year 11 at school (from January) so I will be a senior then :)
    My senior subjects (year 11 & 12) are:
    - Advanced English
    - Advanced Mathematics
    - Business Studies
    - Software Design and Development
    - Information Processes and Technology
    - Beginners Japanese language
    What are you doing at school?
    Aside from gaming I sleep, browse the Internet, work about 15-20 hours a week (McDonalds), go to school and hang out with friends. How about you?
    I'm Australian :)
    G - General (all ages)
    PG - Perental Guidance Reccomended for people under 15.
    M - Mature Audiences (15+)
    MA - Restricted to 15+ without a parent/guardian.
    R - Restricted 18+ (we only just got this rating through parliament for video games, previously games like this would be refused classification and banned in Australia)
    My 3DS Games:

    (I also have Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2).
    I'm lazy and still need to finish most of them :P
    Ah cool cool. Their any games that caught your eye? For me it has to be Mass Effect and the Mario game.
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