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Zelda Toys


Sage of Tales
This came to me when playing some of the last parts of Twilight Princess...

You know the scene where Midna takes the Fused Shadows and is taken over by their power to become the giant octo-spider-Midna-thing? And how Midna-Chthullu climbs and pounds upon the sealed crystal over Hyrule Castle? I had the sudden thought:

"The Minda Wacky Wall Walker! Wacky Wall Walker! Only $2.99! Get yours today! You'll have hours of fun with your official Midna Wacky Wall Walker!"

Anyone besides me remember Wacky Wall Walkers? They were sticky things, balls with little tendrils on them that you're supposed to throw against a wall (they worked better on the surface of a refrigerator) and they'd tumble down?

So, what are your ideas for strange toys of the Legend of Zelda characters? - Something that doesn't already exist like the figures...

I want a Midna Wacky Wall Walker!
Dec 14, 2012

This is a toy my Dad has, it's out of the box, but it is still amazing :)
Jun 2, 2012
I've never really thought about that before. Maybe a toy like those old transformer dolls, have link change into wolf link. Or maybe a sword that lights up when you hold it vertically. That's all I've got.

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