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Zelda ROTH Trilogy



The legend of Zelda Time to Triumph

Hey people ! Looks like french fangames are raining like cats and dogs these times. Here is another one from another team you may know since we already created and presented two other games which had a great success : Return of the Hylian and Oni-Link Begins.

And here comes the third and last one of the Trilogy : Time to Triumph!

It's an excellent game, but since gamers always talk better about a game than a programmer, I'll just put the critics from someone who didn't wait for the english version to come out and played it in french ^^.

I've finished the game now, except for one heartpiece. I'd say it's an excellent game, even better than the previous (Oni Link Begins). It's very lengthy. It must be longer than LttP.

The storyline is very good. At first, it looks as if it's been ripped straight from existing Zelda games, but towards the end of the game, a lot of different stories unexpectedly fall together, explaining each other. You'll get to know the history of Ganondorf, etc.

There are many side quests in this game. You'll probably spend more time on the side quests than on the main quest, if you want to finish it all. There are several large, complicated item trading sequences, which might drive you insane.

Most of the dungeons are fun, though some are really straight-forward and dull. There are many events that you'll see frequently in almost every dungeon.

I had hoped to see a bit more variation in the enemies' moving patterns. Although there's a huge amount of enemy types, most of them just chase you and can be beaten by the sword, similar to OLB's enemies. The bosses are more fun than in OLB, cause they are more unique and often quite challenging.

There are a lot of surprising elements in the game, and a lot of humor as well.

Anyway, if you want to make up your own opinion, go ahead and try it, you will have a lot of fun ;)


The game was made in C++. The graphics and musics are essentialy from ALTTP, but also from other games and some graphics are original.
3T can be played on Windows only, but soon the Mac and Linux versions will follow.
You don't need to download anything to play it, just the game.

Have fun, and don't hesitate to comment.
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Dec 13, 2009
Hey lobaluz, im already playing two of this games and its great. Cant wait to play the third game.....


Well, if you're a Mac user it will now be possible.

3T is out in Mac and Linux OS ! Enjoy.


Dec 3, 2008
Great job on the game you guys. I've played and beat ROTH and OLB a while ago, and I actually downloaded the French version of 3T in like, December (I speak French, though not to well), I didn't get to far, so maybe I'll try again with the English version. From what I played, it's better then OLB and ROTH combined. Way more unique as well.
Jan 17, 2009
The Universe
Well, this is a lot harder than the first two... (I beat ROTH and OLB BTW)

I'm stuck on the second dungeon. (Wisdom Temple)
How do you solve the rooms above and below the mid-boss?
Great games by the way.

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