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Spoiler Zelda Characters, Items, and Stages for Super Smash Bros.

Jul 22, 2011
I hope there isn't a thread about this already, but I find this an interesting topic. Basically, we're just naming characters, items, and stages from Zelda that you think would work well in a Super Smash Bros. game. Please provide a description, as well as move sets for characters.

B: dart projectile
B-side: dash attack (similar to one used against Link in Skyview Temple)
B-up: teleport
B-down: parry
Final Smash: Ghirahim becomes his "true" form, complete with the large sword he wields at the end of his third battle. All B-button moves are modified, and Ghirahim doesn't flinch when taking damage.

Link (from Majora's Mask)
B: bow
B-side: bombchu (because this Link has no boomerang, and B-down is used for something other than bombs)
B-up: spin attack
B-down: transform (normal > Deku > Goron > Zora
Final Smash: Link turns into Fierce Deity Link (whose move set is included below)

Deku Link
B: bubble blast (can be charged)
B-side: deku nut
B-up: deku flowers
B-down: transform (to Goron Link)

Goron Link
B: punch
B-side: roll attack
B-up: ground pound
B-down: transform (to Zora Link)

Zora Link
B: electric barrier (does damage, doesn't block)
B-side: boomerang fins
B-up: (Haven't thought of one, to be honest. I'd like to hear suggestions)
B-down: transform (to normal Link)

Fierce Deity Link
B: sword beam
B-side: (any ideas?)
B-up: (see above)
B-down: (see two above)

I don't have any ideas for items or stages at the moment, but I'd like to get some discussion on this. Other than my lack of certain moves, I hope this thread will be enjoyable.


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Jul 6, 2011
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Ganondorf OOT3D
ganondorf OOT 3D.jpg
He should look how he did in the OOT 3D commercial. Picture above to refresh memories. He will have a sword for his A attacks.
B:TP sparta kick (most accurate way to describe it) charges for a moment and hits with heavy impact like his Warlock pawnch
B- side: choke, like he does in TP to the sage (just in smash bros the opponent is not vaporised instantly) this move propells player to the side they want to go, can be used to get back to the stage if knocked to the side.
B-up uses sword to send opponents flying skyward
B- down: Ground punch- like he does in OOT to remove flooring, this time it knocks opponents into the air when it hits them, can be performed in the air to get quickly back to the floor


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Dec 19, 2011
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I think if they added any more characters to Super Smash Brothers if would have to be either:

Fierce Deity or Skull Kid.

But really don't see them adding in more unless it's like the monster form of Ganondorf (Ganon)


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Nov 2, 2011
I think Death mountain TP would be a good stage since you'd have to dodge Gorons. As for an items, Stamina fruit, hilight fruit and bombchus would be good as the stanima would heal alot of your percentage and the hilight fruit would make little beams over all the items in the stage and you know what bombchus do. Now for characters...Impa would be pretty good,
B: Kick that would be chargable
B-Side: Magic Projectile attack
B Up: She throws a deku nut and then jumps, it would do damage
B-Down: Simply throws a Deku nut, it would stun the closest person to her for a second
Final smash: Very similar to Meta knight from Brawls, she throws a deku nut and it blinds the whole screen then she attacks The closest person to her but she has to be close to them.
Taunt: She whistles Zeldas Lullaby
Why Impa? well I don't really see Shiek making a comeback seeing as the Zelda characters are updated to there latest games...Zelda doesn't look very menacing at all

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