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ZD Pokémon Sword and Shield (National Mode) Spooktacular 2021 - Game Thread

Feb 20, 2014
Hey @Fig when do you wanna battle? I should be available to battle anytime between 7 am - 8 am CET, 12 pm - 1 pm CET and 5 pm - 11 pm CET today and tomorrow.
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Sep 27, 2021
what I'm hearing is

if I think I'm going to lose to Terminus

I should just noshow and get a cool 50% chance of beating him anyways?


What’s the character limit on this? Aksnfiskwjfjsk
ZD Legend
not to mention it was pretty unfair maybe, I feel like both parties hardly put any effort into scheduling
Hey, I actually told fig when I’d be on, not only did he not respond, but he got snarky for some reason because I wasn’t on at the exact same time as him.

I at least made the attempt.

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