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Twilight Princess Zant: Lunatic or Pathetic?

Your opinion about Zant

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May 9, 2011
I share you passion for Zant.

When I first played Twilight Princess (a little under a year now) I found his character very... Ominous at first. He was mysterious and his goals reflected his personality at the beginning of the game, he wanted something! it wasn't really clear at first until you progressed as you see his motives were shrouded and occult. His persona was as like any other antagonist the same at first, however as you progress it becomes evident that he learns of Midna's companion with the 'Blue eyed Beast' through out Hyrule undoing his Twilight shrouding the world.

As you finally reach the Lanayru Spring and recover the last piece of the Fused Shadow, it becomes clear the Zant is intent or discouraging Midna and Link from advancing to the Twilight Realm to stop his actions. His anxiety rises and here in the Arbiter's Grounds it became clear to me that he began to break down he lost his cool.

Finally as Link and Midna find the last pieces of the Mirror of Twilight I found that Zant has some behind the scenes melt down where he reveals that he was trying to do the best for his people, and with the power of his 'God' he could achieve his goals however Midna and Link stepped in and then you know what happens next.

To be honest they could have done a lot more with Zant's development, I think they should have added a few more scenes towards the end where he adds an obstacle to stop Link and Midna from getting to the city in the sky. Showed a few more cutscenes of Zant consoling with Ganondorf etc.

But overall his persona was amazing he literally became insane due to his own faults.

Zant <3


I totally agree. He's my favorite Villain, but if they hadn't made him act like such a fool at the end, he would have been even better! But when I played the game, I saw that as kinda sadistic and creepy, not childish. And how come nobody hates Majora's incarnation because she acted like a fool!


I really did like Zant, he had character development, and was different from most other Zelda villains. He was a nice change, as to me Gannondorf/Ganon is a plain villain, but can still be liked. Zant was really awesome in the beginning, and throughout the game, all his plans, all his dreams, everything he wanted, he got, then some random kid/wolf-demon guy (link) shows up with Midna, and ruins everything. Suddenly his grasp on power and the whole Twili race is falling apart, so he goes crazy, and I personally thought the water phase was hard. Kept yelling at the TV: Come over here Zant! Over there? No.. COME ON. SHOW UP ALREADY. I also liked the whole re-cap boss fight, going through multiple boss arenas. I personally think GANNONDORF was the weaker villain in the whole game, the Zant fight seemed final boss-ish, then you have the Gannondorf fight. Gannondorf is just plopped down as the main villain behind all of this after Stallord (Who probably lots of people will agree with me as my favorite TP boss, Zant being 2nd), felt... Lame. In the end, you have him finish what he started and make the world right. He might not be original for villain, but he was awesome for Zelda. All hail the Usurper king!

And how come nobody hates Majora's incarnation because she acted like a fool!

P.S: This. This is true. Very true.
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May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
I assume that Zant was a normal, if power-hungry and minorly unbalanced, Twili, but when Ganondorf gave him power, the resulting influx caused his personality to change int something cold and ruthless, bottling up his insanity until something (In the form of Midna an the Hero of Twilight) caused the metaphorical glass to shatter, unleashing pure insanity upon someone blessed/cursed with power and a sense of being screwed over.
Jan 2, 2012
He's more of a lunatic than he is pathetic, but mostly he's just awesome. He's one of my favorite villains. Ever. (behind Ghirahim and Ganondorf)


Nerdy and Proud
Jul 8, 2012
Behind My Computer Monitor
he was insane, i will admit that but... he was pretty AWESOME! The dude had layers, at first he seems cold and ruthless but by the end you realize just how screwed up he was.

I really do hope nintendo makes another villain like him.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
I loved Zant as a villain, and I don't think theres anything wrong with Nintendo turning him insane. The only problem I have is the way they did it.

Let's be honest, at the end, he became a little too goofy for the general taste of the fans. They kind of ruined a perfectly good opportunity. They could've transformed the cool threatening zant into the warped maniacal danger he should've been. An epic battle with a deranged dangerous freak would've been much better (not to say that the Zant battle wasn't fun, it just wasn't threatening or challenging
Aug 25, 2012
The Hall of Darkness
It seemed to me that he was mentally unbalanced, he was unstable and in the end seemed to have finally snapped, I think he was both pathetic and crazy at least near the end he was. I still found him to be a nice change from the over used Lex Luther of Zelda villains.
Zant was a villain where more meant less and his final moments in the Palace of Twilight made him appear to be a pathetic lunatic. He could manipulate light and darkness, allowing himself to enter the human world and thrusting Midna into the light for her to perish; he could raise century old monsters from the dead. Zant displayed an unbelievable array of power after transforming both Link and Midna, sending his own troops of darkness into the light world, and transforming its inhabitants into spirits via his dark magic.

Zant appeared to be so much more menacing when you knew little about him. The crowning moment was definitely after the Lakebed Temple when he removes the lower part of his visor, allowing you to see his demonic fangs. It's moments like that which made my skin hairs stand on end and justified the game's "Teen" rating. His breakdown at the Palace of Twilight showcased little prior development and on top of that his true demeanor and appearance were mundane at best. It didn't help that Ganondorf was introduced into the picture either. Nintendo easily could have crafted another fan favorite like Vaati but butchered Zant instead. While the actual battle revisiting previous bout locations was intriguing, it did little to relieve the damage which had already been done.
Aug 25, 2012
The Hall of Darkness
Zaant was ok and a welcome change from Ganondorf, he was powerful too but he was incompetent and that is were that power didn't count for squat, his ultimate weakness was his mental stability or lacking there of, an interesting boss but he was insane and pathetic and in the end that is what brought him down, well that and Link.


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May 28, 2012
Macy, Indiana
I find Zant very much so a lunatic! Especially when you battle him in the Palace of Twilight and he makes all those weird noises, and when he randomly is swinging his blade hands around at you in the final stage, very creepy. I was like, 'Seriously Zant, watch where your swinging those things, you could take someone's eye out with those!'


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I'd say pathetic, because he screams and pounds like a child or like an old lady who lost Bingo! I mean, come one! He is supposed to be horrifying, I mean when you first heard about him or even saw him,
weren't you a little shaken up? Even a little? He may have lunatic moves, but he seriously needed someone else's help for power? What kind of villain needs help from another? The worst kind if you
ask me! :):)

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