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Game Thread Yu Yu Hakusho Mafia

Jul 7, 2021
These are pretty funny to me. The first one because Seanzie suddenly started suspecting me during very end of day with a half-assed reason he pulled out of nowhere, seemingly just to find a counter-wagon to save himself, and now wants to keep going with that. Meanwhile, Mikey ended up lynching the most towny player for no reason yesterday, and is now voting for me too, for some reason.

I guess Mikey maybe suspects me for voting Seanzie at EoD? Don't see anything wrong with that given the alternatives were myself and my highest town read. In any case, I probably picked better than he did lol
This does not accurately describe events.

I mean, it is true I "suddenly started" suspecting you around EoD, even though I don't think my reason is bad. As far as the "counter-wagon" hypothesis, I'd like to hear how you make sense of my push on you over Rubik.


Jun 19, 2010
Don't think I've ever cared this little about defending/saving myself in a Mafia game. Not the dumbest wagon I've had on me, but it's one of them. Seanzie at least gave a reason which is nice, even if I don't think it's a great one

Morbid Minish

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Oct 2, 2016
if you're town please trust me and hammer, there's not a ton to discuss rn and I'd rather see the flip and expedite night phase

I mean there's always stuff we can discuss. Not even just regarding lynching Kirino. Expediting night phase just means less people can give where their thoughts are at. And then they might be nk'd.

I mean I'm fairly certain I get why you want to. But like, I dunno doesn't feel great to me to expedite this early in the game.

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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Oct 2, 2016
oh, I guess we could talk about that

short answer is maybe

long answer is three scum makes this setup feel pretty volatile and scumsided, and the d1 flip language made me lean more towards a 2 scum setup

but honestly my main feelings about it are screw closed setups

It would make sense for 2 scum and 1 indep in this game.
But we had ninja flip, and if we have a cop I'd suspect the other in a 2 scum setup to be Babyface godfather.
Especially because Alit likes to give scum a decent amount of power.
Which would seem to me to point towards 3 scum if Kirino is scum.
But my speculation could just be wrong.

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