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TPHD-Wii U Your Favorite TP Moments


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Nov 13, 2012
Getting the Master Sword

Midna finally coming around realizing that she was taking advantage of Link, and finally caring to save both worlds

Meeting the Kids of Ordon after saving them and seeing their gratification in their faces

Ganons execution, showing not only his demise, but how bad ass he really is laughing the whole time, and that dash at the face of the, ?? oracle, can remember what they call them, but smashing his face was pretty intense.

The temple of time. The intro, and passing through the time door taking you back to the Temple before it became a ruin. Actually the whole dungeon was pretty sweet. One of the best in the game.

The scene when Zant stormed Hyrule Castle, first time in the series where you get to see the actual battle that started the conflict. Not to mention the creepy shadow beast with those Shield type heads. One of the coolest looking monsters in the whole series.

The freedom fighter all together, Not any particular scene, just the fact that there were freedom fighters. The only time in the series (i think) when others where in the fight to aid you outside of the Sages, who really did nothing but grant you medallions. But when they helped you at the Hyrule Castle dungeon at the end of the game when you get the boss key. Blasting the monsters with the rocket launcher. All of them just showing up and saluting you basically saying "we got your back Link, finish this fight"

The Lost wood leading to the sacred forest, following around skull kid. It was a really good take on the lost wood. The wooden dummies were kind of annoying but everything else was really cool, especially the music playing in there.

But most of all the best part of the game was the Western Style shootout in the Lost Kakariko Village, just the music was so amazing. It was like a Saloon shootout complete with the old western movie music. It was probably one of the coolest sections of any game> (just noticed I have said that a lot, but Twilight Princess is my second favorite game in the franchise, so I guess it makes sense.


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Dec 6, 2014
North Dakota
Where do I start? The entire game was wonderful! I guess if I have to choose I'll go with blasting the twilight fiends on the bridge of Eldin with bomb arrows... THAT was so much fun. Or bomb arrows in general.


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Nov 21, 2015
Minnesota, USA
This is my favorite Zelda game, so it's difficult to narrow down my favorite moments. If I had to pick, say, 3, I'd pick these:
  • The final boss was totally epic, and is definitely one of my favorite boss battles of all time.
  • Sniping in the Hidden Village with the Hawkeye is great.
  • Stallord!

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Here are a few that instantly come to mind. When I see these moments again, they make me really appreciate Twilight Princess, even if it isn't the greatest game.

- Link's pose on the bridge of Eldin. That whole horseback fight, both in the field and on the bridge, was epic and awesome, but this scene definitely takes the cake. Link's pose with his sword raised skyward and the sunset in the distance, it's just beautiful. Also, he had just saved the person that looks up him the most.
- The first time we see Hyrule Castle. The stuff in the sewers was cool for sure, but there was just something about stepping onto the rooftop and seeing where we really were that got me. It's one of my favourite Zelda moments in general.
- Sky battle with Argorok. Even if this battle is really easy, it's extremely well presented. Argorok himself looks fantastic, and there's something about seeing Link fly around him in the sky with the storm raging in the background. It's a really beautiful scene.
- Ascending Hyrule Castle. A very climactic dungeon with a perfect buildup to one of my favourite final boss fights of all. Fighting Ganondorf's toughest minions and seeing how wrecked the castle is, it's all a really good presentation displaying how truly dangerous Ganondorf is. The music gaining in intensity as you ascend and the enemies getting harder and harder, it's just brilliant. Also, the interior of the castle is gorgeous even if it really doesn't feel much like a castle at all. The courtyard also looks really nice, and is really eerie with the barrenness and lack of music. Overall a really good moment.
- The final battle. Fighting Ganondorf in person with a storm raging in the background and no help from Zelda, it's just Link and Ganondorf in hand-to-hand combat. It's easy, yes, but it's awesome and I look forward to it every time I play. And seeing Link and Ganondorf lock blades, it's really intense.
- Zant's attack on Hyrule Castle. This is the first time we see Zant in the game, and upon viewing this scene, he instantly clicked with me as a villain I knew I'd love. His presentation is so epic, it really gives the sense that he's gonna be one badass villain. Unfortunately, he was ruined for me a bit when he went insane near the end, but I'll always love this scene. Especially after Zelda surrenders, we know he's gonna be a dangerous dude.
- Midna's desperate hour. This whole scene is just incredible. It really shows the strong, genuine friendship that Link and Midna have, and it was one of the first big milestones for Midna during her process of becoming less of a dick. The music in the background combined with Link's frantic struggle to get Midna to Zelda makes this one of the most emotional scenes in the series.
- Link's reunion with the children in Kakariko. I'm not talking about during the twilight when they couldn't even acknowledge his presence (although that scene was also awesome), I mean the scene that plays after Link restores light to the Eldin region. The kids open the door of the sanctuary, see Link, and then run to him with massive smiles on all their faces. Seeing everybody so happen during a time of despair was really cool, and a nice contrast in what is a pretty dark game overall.
- Walking into the Temple of Time in the past. It made me so happy when Link first walked through that door. Beautiful presentation. The recycled music from OoT makes it extremely nostalgic. It looks great too.
- Ganondorf's execution. One of the reasons TP is rated T I think. Just a really awesome scene that does a wonderful job of showing just how dangerous and ruthless Ganondorf is. He was cool in OoT, but this is the moment that shows wow, he really is a threat.
- Pretty much every boss reveal. Even if the bosses were pathetically easy for the most part, their introductions were awesome.
Feb 7, 2014
I liked a lot of moments, but I'll just post some.

Snowboarding - It's a real shame they didn't have more places for you to race down
Ilia regaining her memory - Talo staying to watch completed it
Sneaking though the Bulblin Fortress - A fun stealth mission, even if it was optional
Fight against Stallord - The first part had a cool pinball feel, with the second feeling like you were the one chasing the boss
Blowing up Barnes' Warehouse - Blowing things up in general is always fun


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Jan 31, 2010
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Oh blowing up or trying to blow up the warehouse was so much fun! I loved the reaction.
-I also loved how everytime you got Yeto'soup Link stuck his arm in the air and you heard the famous sound Ta ta ta ta taaaaaaah! I on purpose started to drink the soup and immidiatly grabbed another bottle and drank it and grabbed another one again. Even my sister who isn't really a Zelda fan started to laugh about it.
- When you walk out of Kakariko Village and go north, you come close to the Eldin Bridge. And soon you'll see a couple of Bulblins riding a boar. Everytime I aim and shoot the boars. It's so funny to see how the boar rode off the cliff instead of going towards me. To see the Bulblins fall down cracks me up everytime.
Aug 28, 2015
I couldn't say my favorite TP moment, but I always like to revisit the Lakebed Temple and Temple of Time.

People always compare these couple of segments to the Triforce pieces in WW as far as how annoying it is
The Triforce Quest is miles more annoying than the tears of light, and I played WWHD.

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