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Xenoblade Chronicles Mafia: Destructive Reawakening

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Jan 30, 2011
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All of Thar's games I've been in have been like this. Go on and check out some of the others to see what they're usually like.
It was nice playing with a bunch of new faces by the way. Really changed how things go... it's usually somewhat similar with the same people.


Jul 12, 2015


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Feb 8, 2011
This idn't affect me much because 1: I don't know Xenoblade and 2: I died before it became crucial. In the future though, I think there are ways to make night scenes vague enough to not reveal info while still being entertaining to read.
After reading back some and connecting the dots here and there, I can see how the Night scenes might come off as compromising. Thanks for pointing it out. Two heads are better than one. *takes notes for the future*

Admittedly, I was surprised whenever Eoghan first inquired in the Mafia chat if the scenes "tended to be so revealing". After his death, this is the first part of a response I made to him:
@Eoghan Sorry if my Night posts are a bit too revealing. Like with my Fate/Zero game, this is a theme that I enjoy writing and thereby like to make it as true as possible to the original. That includes the interactions between characters, which I use to build tension and the like.


I'll have the Night actions up soon.
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