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Wizard101 Mafia Sign-Ups

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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Greetings, young wizards! Welcome to Wizard101 Mafia!

Headmaster Merle Ambrose is seeking brilliant students enrolled in the Ravenwood School of Magic for a very important mission. There are rumors that Malistaire Drake, the Spiral’s Greatest Evil, has returned after his defeat eight years ago. The headmaster is building a group of wizards he deems worthy to fend him off and defend Wizard City, should the need arise.

Please note: This game has some complicated rules that differ slightly from a traditional mafia game. Beginners are absolutely welcome to join, but the rules and changes could be highly confusing to someone learning the game.

You will all be students of one of the schools of magic: Ice, Fire, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, or Balance. Each school has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every player will have at least one unique spell, which can be cast during the night like a normal night action. However, there are also a number of general spells that ANY player can cast, at any time. Nighttime spells are kept secret, but daytime abilities are public to everyone.

Unfortunately, magic can’t be cast for free! In the Spiral, spells cost a certain number of pips. If you don’t have enough pips to cast a spell, then you will be unable to use that spell. You will gain one pip every night and every day. You will also gain a pip for being on the vote bandwagon of a lynched player of another alignment.

Although day and night periods generally function as they would in a normal mafia game, along with voting and lynching, there is an extra addition: hit points, or HP. Each player will have their own HP. When their HP reaches 0, they will die. A death ends the day. In order to drain this HP, every player will be able to attack, which is one of the general spells. Each player will have their own attack power that shows how much damage they will deal. Schools will also do more damage to a school that opposes them. Life and Death, Myth and Storm, and Ice and Fire oppose one another. Balance has no type advantage or disadvantage.

This might be a bit confusing, but don’t worry too much about it now. The rules will be fully detailed in the game thread. Feel free to ask me questions at any time, whether you are new to mafia or not.

Now! I need 17 young wizards to join me. Who is brave enough to take a stand?

All spots are now full, but replacements are still accepted! Players in green have confirmed.


1. Timeless
2. Pendio
3. RegalBryant
4. Jamie
5. Mido
6. Doc
7. kokirion
8. Frozen Chosen
9. Sadia
10. Johnny Sooshi
11. DekuNut
12. Ver-go-a-go-go
13. LittleGumball
14. Libk
15. Eduarda
16. justac00lguy
17. Shroom


1. Tristan
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