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Who's Your Favorite?!? Who's Your Favorite?!?


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Dec 24, 2011
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Well, tell me!!! Who was your favorite Skyward Sword character? Who was your favorite major/minor character? Who was your favorite boss? Who was your favorite enemy? Race? Shopkeeper? Quirky side-character? TELL ME NOW!!!


Character: The hand ghost....thing
Boss: Aincent Cistern boss (can't remember his name)
Enemy: Zombie Bokoblin
Race: Mogma
Shopkeeper: Fortune teller

Dec 23, 2011
You mean the ghost that needs paper so you decide to give it to karane or the ghost hand, a bit like in Majoras Mask!
Character: Beautreux
Boss: Koloktus
Enemy: Fire Salamander within the Eldin region
Race: Kikwis ( Kwee! )
Shopkeeper: Item Check Girl

Cel-Shaded Deku

Ha ha, charade you are!
Jul 24, 2010
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The title and OP is worded very weirdly. It sounds like a stereotypical teenage girl asking you to tell her the latest gossip.

(I can't remember most of these names yet so bear with me.)
Character: Link
Boss: The boss from the Ancient Cistern.
Enemy: The evil cats that come out in Skyloft at night.
Race: Kikwis
Shopkeeper: That guy with the insane smile.
Side-character: Soup Lady (WHY IS THAT LADY MAKING SOUP!?! :lol:)
Jul 22, 2011
major character: Groose (Grooseland, 'nuf said)
boss: Ghirahim (more as a character, but he's a cool boss as well)
enemy: Deku Babas (slashing them apart never gets old)
race: a tie between Kikwis (particularly Bucha) and Mogmas (simply for saying "yo!")
shopkeeper: Rupin (his face when you back out of buying something)
minor character: Batreaux

Goddess Sword

Character: Fi
Boss: Scaldera
Enemy: Staldra
Race: Kikwi
Shopkeeper: Beedle


Character: Ghirahim
Boss: Ghirahim Round III or Koloktos, maybe Tentalus
Enemy: Sentrobe (those evil turrets)
Race: either Ancient Robots or Parella
Side Character: Batreaux
Ally: Impa
Shopkeeper: Rupin (creepy but awesome!)
Area: Lanayru Desert


Apr 21, 2011
Character: I liked the girl with brown hair in Skyloft, I think her name was Orielle or something.
Boss: Koloktos or Ghirahims final form.
Enemy: All kinds of Bokoblins.
Race: Kikwi
Shopkeeper: Potion Lady, just because she's saying "mayo".
Sep 21, 2011
Other than Zelda & Link, right?

Aly: Groose. There was alot of change with him for me. First he was a jerk, then he became a VERY helpful, decent guy. While he was mean, I thought he & Ganon were somehow going to be linked into the game, since he has the same look as ganon. (red hair, yellow eyes, muscular, a jerk) but now for some reason, I still think hes gonna be someone important. Like maybe he'll start off the gerudo race...?

Minor Character: Scrapper. I liked him cuz he was different by being someone that actually did not like Link, & there was only 2 people out of the citizens of Skyloft who didn't like Link. He ironically had more of a personality than "Mistress" Fi

Boss: Ghirahim/Demise. Ghirahim acted very umm....strange for a villian, but thats exactly what's so interesting about him. Unlike other villians in past Zelda games, he, along with Demise compliments Link on his courage & sword skills.

Enemy: Lizafos. Just in case I spelled it wrong, those lizards with a armored arm & a spiky tail. Those were really fun to fight!

Race: Skyloftians! XD
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Dec 19, 2011
Character: Gorko & Golo
Boss: Demise
Enemy: Armos (for new design)
Race: Kikwi
Side Character: Batreaux
Ally: Zelda
Shopkeeper: Beedle
Area: Skyloft
Feb 23, 2011
A list of my favorite things in Skyward Sword.
  1. Favorite Race: Shiekah (yes, there was one)|Ancient Robots
    [*]Favorite Main Character: Impa (old and young)|Lanayru
    [*]Favorite Non-Player Character: Jakamar|Pipit (tie)
    [*]Favorite Boss: The Imprisoned
    [*]Favorite Mini-Boss: LD-003K Dreadfuse
    [*]Enemy[ies]: Guardians of the Silent Realms|Remlit
    [*]Favorite Dungeon: Ancient Cistern
    [*]Favorite Region/Province: Lanayru Province
    [*]Favorite Item: Water Dragon Scale|Sacred Bow
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Jan 6, 2012
Character: Groose/Ghirahim
Race: Kikwi
Boss: Kloktos/ all Ghirahim battles
Dungeon: Sky Keep
Region: Faron woods
Enemy: Stalfos
Shopkeeper: the upgrade guy I forget his name :\

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