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Who is Your Best Friend on ZD?

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
Time for a serious post!

Alright, so first off, the CCC (obviously lol). Even though we don't talk as a group as much anymore as we used to, the CCC is still the tightest friend group I've ever been a part of, and that includes my offline life too. I feel like I can talk to you guys about anything, and I don't have to worry about being my goofy self around you all. I miss our late night skype calls, but who says we can't still have them? I'm extremely happy this group started, and I'm even happier that I can call you all friends. Thank you for always being there and giving me a reason to keep coming back to this site. <3
@PatCat @Eduarda @Pendio @Mido @Sadia @Shroom @LittleGumball @Link Floyd @kokirion @Ayano Keiko

Right now, the people I talk to the most are easily my canadian besties @Jamie and @Prophecies About Bok Choy. I'm really glad I met both of you, and even more glad that we all live so close so we can hang out irl. It's always a good time, and you guys are probably among my best friends both online and offline. Idk how we all tolerate each other lmao but I'm glad we do. And I'm sorry for breaking your toilet seat Jamie :P

Also, special mention goes to @Nautas, who was added to our private Canadian skype chat for some reason, but who made it a lot more fun and gave me an opportunity to get to know him pretty well. We've been talking a fair bit lately, and I think I foresee something of a good friendship blooming. Despite of all the things we say about him, Nautas is actually a really cool and hilarious dude who I'm glad I've been given the opportunity to get to know.

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