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Which Zelda Song Do You Listen to Regularly?


Some Legends Never Die...
Jun 15, 2010
Calgary, AB, Canada
Hey guys, wondering which song/melody from the Zelda series do you find yourself listening to regularly outside of the games?

For me it is Dragon Roost Island from the Wind Waker. Even though it is not my favorite game in the series, it has some amazing music (as do all the Zelda games) and I find this song in particular to be great to listen to when I am browsing the web, doing work, or just relaxing. As such it has earned a spot in many of my playlists. :eek:carina:
Jun 14, 2010
New York
The Dragon Roost Island theme is my most played song on iTunes :lol:

The Dark World theme (ALttP) and Gerudo Valley (OoT) are also on frequent rotation.


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
I usually have several Zelda songs stuck in my head. But right now I have The Hidden Mountain/Forest Theme(ALTTP) Hyrule Field(TP) and Forest Island(WW). It can change every once in a while(usually on the game I play), but I don't mind. Zelda music altogether is awesome! =D
I have a lot of my favorite Zelda songs on my iPod, but I often find myself listening to the Wind Waker Ganondorf Battle the most. I used to loop the song so it would repeat while I work on my homework, but recently my iPod freezes whenever I loop songs for an uncertain amount of time. So yeah... either I will manually do so or on Windows Media Player. I... just like the song... and Ganondorf. :P

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
I have quite a few tunes stuck in my head (not on an iPod or anything - just in my head):

Beast Malladus Final Boss (ST)
Ganon Final Boss (OoT)
Last Six Hours (MM)
Ganondorf Final Boss (TP)
Outset Island (WW)
Tower of the Gods (WW)
Credits (TP)
Great Bay Temple (MM)
Stone Tower Temple (MM)
Forest Temple (OoT)
Water Temple (OoT)
Song of Healing (MM)

Chubby Luma

Wow, there's quite a few:

-Oath to Order
-Sonata of Awakening
-Dark World
_Spirit Temple
-Hyrule Overworld
-The Hero Chosen by the Gods
-Termina Field
-Boss Battle Theme (Majora's Mask)
-Last Battle (Ocarina of Time)
-Pirates' Fortress
-Gerudo Valley
-The Light Spirit Appears
-Kotake & Koume's Theme


Sage of Tales
When I'm writing, particularly if I'm writing LoZ fan fiction - I like to bring up Zelda Reorchestrated and listen to various songs there.

I find myself constantly gravitating toward the Gerudo Valley theme from OoT, "Legendary Hero" and Dragon's Roost Island from WW, Lost Woods theme - TP version and Midna's music. And most of the music from Majora's Mask when my computer decides to play it. I also listen to the whole playlist they have for Spirit Tracks there, even though I have no DS and have yet to actually *play* Spirit Tracks.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
I find myself listening to Stone Tower Temple or Kakariko Village more so than any other song from the Zelda series. They're my two favorite ones so it's natural that I want to listen to them more often.

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