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Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

i never thought i'd get a chance to unironically recommend oxxo xoox to anyone cuz it was kind of a guilty pleasure band of mine that i didnt think any one i know would tolerate, but if you like avant garde type stuff you may actually enjoy it @Echolight

(that is the say im now currently listening to this cuz of the other track :oops:)

ok that was awesome. The guitar, the vocals, it's great. I guess I do like avant garde stuff then lol
Definitely going to listen to more of their tracks tomorrow while I draw.

I love Scarlet Dream a lot, even if it has a lot of harsh vocals. I feel like I'm warming up to them. t's just that throughout their songs I never really know what they're going to do next. It's really fun to listen for the first time, and even listening to it for like the tenth time I find little melodies inside the song I didn't realize before. It's pretty cool.

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