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Which MMORPG do You Like Better?

Witch MMORPG do you like better?

  • LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online)

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  • WOW (World of Warcraft)

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  • DDO (Dungons and Dragons Online)

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  • somthing I didint list

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  • Total voters


ಠ_ಠ mr. Observant
Sep 4, 2010
Tokyo, Japan
I like LOTRO because it has a HUGE world and the armor looks AWESOME and the graphics are the bomb!:lol: the PvP is good too! witch do you guys like?
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Apr 3, 2011
United Kingdom
The only one I have played is Guild Wars... because it was subscription free. I am, however, greatly looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I hope when it comes out I have a computer good enough to play it on because I plan on completely destroying my social life with that game :D


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
Well, I'm an ex-hardcore WoW Raider, so I'll have to vote for that. The game is absolutely phenomenal and is unlike any other.
That being said -- kids, don't play it. It will ruin your life and eat your soul.


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
I play RuneScape. ^_^

I don't like games that are based entirely on PvP. Being able to train skills, solve puzzles, and get involved in a storyline through quests is what I find fun in a game. I don't want to fork out a lot of money on a monthly subscription and I don't play daily, so it's fun to just get on every now and again to see what is going on and what sort of thing I can do that given day. Fancy graphics are nice, but totally not necessary. Give me good lore and gameplay.. I'm in.


Site Staff
Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
I play ... *cough*MapleStory*cough* ...
Like Claire, I don't enjoy PvP. I prefer training my skills and upgrading equipment. Obviously graphics don't matter to me at all. I like my MMO's to be zombifying and life-leeching. My idea of a good time is holding down one key for hours on end in a semicomatose state. I'm not active right now, but it did quite a bit of damage during my last three years of high school. (don't play it. also, they say it's free....but it's not.) I think I'll vote for LOTRO.

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