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General Classic Which is Harder: Water Temple VS. Great Bay Temple

Which is harder: Water Temple VS. Great Bay Temple.

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Apr 22, 2011
Great Bay is more confusing, You have to deal with currents instead of levels. And if you mess up in GB you have to go al the way back and change current then retrace and ughhh... I just got bad memories as a kid.

But it's really up to the person, I thought that just the sheer core of GB (Currents) was confusing. The puzzles and enemies weren't tough although in WT I thought that dealing with levels was easy but finding small keys and some of the puzzles was tough.


Feb 24, 2010
Water Temple, if only because changing the water level gave me headaches. Great Bay Temple seemed pretty easy to me, with the exception of Gyorg.
Oct 16, 2011
I can go all the way through great bay without getting lost or stuck anywhere. I still continue to forget to go back to the one key under the first water change point even when I remind myself going in to not forget it so I say the water temple is harder.


The chosen one
May 13, 2010
i found the water temple extremley dificult although i found great bay very easy actualy somewhat enjoyable and the water puzzzles were better that the water levels in the water temple.


Nov 13, 2011
I actually think that the Great Bay Temple was easier than the Water Temple. I spent countless hours on the Water Temple the first time I played it, but I got through the Great Bay Temple much faster.
Aug 22, 2011
Water Temple was difficult for sure, but do-able. Great Bay Temple was just unforgiving. I got lost for like 4 days in it.


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
Neither of them were hard, per se, but they were just annoying. I mean, the Water Temple forced you to go in endless circles an constantly forget about some keys, conveniently placed under a floating block. The GBT forced you to backtrack and go in circles too, but nowhere near the degree that the Water Temple did.
Nov 28, 2011
I thought Great Bay temple was a bit harder than the Ocarina Water Temple but i had a METH of a time beating both of them. if it comes down to bosses I'd say morpha is harder (because Gyorg was pathethic for how hyped he is) but temple wise it is definitely Great Bay.


I chose the water temple because i have played it so many times that i know what i have to do to complete it. The only thing that i still find hard about it is the boss Gyorg

Forever Impa

GBT was more difficult for me, easily. Honestly, I didn't have troubles with any enemies in either (including dark link), but the layout & progression in GBT kept me guessing and frustrated throughout. It took me about 2 days (mind you, I was 10-12ish, going to school all day, & working on parent's farm in the evening, so maybe 2 hours of playtime a day) to get through the water temple. It took me about a week to figure out GBT (yes a week, I don't use strategy guides till after the first completion, as a rule). After that, the rest of the game seemed too easy... lol


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Now, my opinion of this can be split into two groups. I can talk about the level design and the bosses themselves.

When it comes to the level design, the Water Temple is the clear winner of difficulty. If you do both dungeons in one sitting, you're going all over the place with the Water Temple, whereas with the Great Bay Temple, it turns out to be a very linear dungeon; however, that's if they're both in one sitting. If you leave the game and return to it, with the Water Temple, you're right back where you left off due to the whole "Central Hub" level design. In the Great Bay Temple, you have to track all the way up to where you left off, which can be a tad bit tedious.

As for the bosses, Great Bay Temple is definitely the clear winner. Without Fierce Deity, I certainly had a lot of frustrating deaths within the boss, since the boss is brutal, and you're forced (at least that's how I fought him without Fierce Deity) to go up to him,whereas with the Water Temple, you can just keep your distance.

So, for me, Water Temple is harder in design, and Great Bay Temple is much harder for its boss.
Nov 29, 2011
New Zealand
I found the Water Temple as a whole more harder than the Great Bay Temple. The first couple of play throughs I had I got stuck for ages looking for a couple of small keys and Shadow Link gave me a decent scrap. The boss was far too easy though.
I didn't find the Great Bay Temple puzzles and enemies hard but found the controls and the currents fiddly to deal with. However I found Gyorg the hardest boss in the entire game, I think he got me four times before I got past him.
So Water Temple was the hardest for me but Great Bay had the harder boss.

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