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What's Your Favorite Season?

Whats your favorite season

  • Spring

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  • Summer

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  • Fall

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  • Winter

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Luigi Fan
Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
Anyway, I <3 Summer. It's the best season I enjoy in my life. There's no school, you just get to relax.
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I was almost positive there was a similar thread to this somewhere, but I can't seem to find it--may have been another forum... ;/

Well, anyways... I like spring the best. I'm a nature-lover and it's so beautiful to see everything come back to life after being dormant all winter. Seeing all of the beautiful colors of cherry and redbud blossoms, pale green young leaves, various birds and butterflies becoming active again just makes it a rather tranquil season.

...I love spring rain, it's very peaceful--except it always knocks all of the flowers off of the trees. xD Rain in any other season isn't very special, unless a thunderstorm is included. I just like the season--plus it contains my birthday. xP The name of the season is rather fitting, too: everything springs back to life~ =)


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Feb 8, 2011
I like Autumn the most because no matter how much darker clothing I wear (only for the colder seasons; I swear I'm not emo), I never seem to sweat. Not sure if this would have anything to do with that, but it can get pretty hot during the summer.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
My favorite season is Fall. Here in Pennsylvania, Fall is nice and cool, not too wet, not too dry. You don't have to wear a heavy winter coat, and its just perfect. Plus, the leaves are just gorgeous during fall.

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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It's fall, hands down. I LOVE everything about fall. The temperature, the weather... Everything awesome is in fall. Apple cider, pumpkins, foliage, and especially Halloween... What's not to love? I honestly can't think of a single answer to that question.
Sep 1, 2010
Call me crazy, but I absolutely love winter. Seeing snow fall just makes me so happy, and I just love winter in general. Family, Christmas, food, it doesn't get better than that!


Not all those who wander are lost...
Oct 8, 2011
40 lights off the Galactic Rim
My favorite season is the summer. I don't like Spring because I have bad allergies :( I don't like fall because I ALWAYS get sick :(
I like winter but I'd rather be warm than cold; so....yeah, summer is my favorite.


Apr 22, 2011
Summer for me..

~ Beach partys
~ BBQ with friends
~ Swimming
~ Ice cream
~ Not having to put on a jacket everytime you go outside
~ Eye candy everywhere.. If you know what I mean ;)
Sep 25, 2011
Winter definitely. The scenery is beautiful whenever it snows and everything is frozen over. It becomes a crystal land and just looks stunning. Couple that with Christmas, which gives me a great feeling every year just because it's an amazing holiday for giving and being with the family. I prefer it to be cold outside than for it to be hot. Reason being is that you can put on clothes and the like whenever it's colder but whenever you get into summer, especially areas with high heat and are very dry, then you can't take clothes off to become cooler. (well you can but there's laws against public indecency)

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