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General Zelda What's Your Fav Minigame Theme?

What's your fav minigame theme?

  • Shooting Gallery (Oot)

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  • Epona challenges (Oot)

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  • Snowboarding (TP)

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  • Mine cart riding (SS)

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  • Fun Island clown thingy (SS)

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  • A theme from MM

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  • A theme from TWW

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  • Other

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Gwoh hoh hoh!
There have been many minigames in all the Zelda games, and many of theme have their unique themes. What are your favourites?

Note: I'm not gonna include every theme in the poll due to there being too many of them. And while I could find 20 themes, it's gonna be a BIG poll. So I've limited my choices to a few from OoT, TP and SS; and added WW and MM as options because I haven't played the games and therefore can't pick those that could go into the poll.

EDIT: I wanted to add "Bird Challenges (SS)" but accidentally posted the thread before adding it. Now it seems I can't edit the poll anymore. :(
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Jul 1, 2012
Definitely the snowboarding theme from Twilight Princess Zelda - Twilight Princess Music - Snowboarding - www.facebook.com/gamemusicSTAR - YouTube

The minigame itself was actually extremely fun and it wasn't frustrating but if offered a decent level of difficulty. For me it was just something fresh for the series and I think Zelda games could benefit of more unique and fun mini games. Listening to the theme itself it sounds a lot like a theme straight out of Mario Kart which corresponds to the overall level of fun and the snow theme.
I quite like the snowboarding theme but my favourite has to go to the star collecting challenge in TP that you need the double claw shots for and are awarded the bow and arrow quivers, i love that music,


Are you serious?!?
Feb 6, 2013
In a bottle
Shooting of all kinds in both OoT and MM, especially the horseback archery in OoT--one of my favorite minigames of all time, plus a great theme. Runners-up are snowboarding in TP and the Goron Racing from MM:



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Jun 14, 2010
My favourite minigame theme is the theme for the STAR minigame. It always seems to be the one which gets stuck in my head the most. The snowboarding theme comes in for a close second though!

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