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What was your first Zelda game and How was your Experience with it?


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Dec 6, 2014
North Dakota
My first was Ocarina of Time (OoT) It was what got me into the series. The first I saw was Majora's Mask (MM) my cousin was playing it when I went to visit him, and when I asked to borrow it he handed me OoT and said, "Play this first" I have since played and 100% both as well as Link to the Past (LttP) and most of the others I've played.
A Link to the Past on the GBA port was my first Zelda game. I used to watch my mom play Zelda I on the NES all the time as a kid but I couldn't really watch her play on the GBA so she set me up my very own file and let me play. I didn't get very far; basically made it to Kakariko and stayed there for a long time because I wasn't comfortable with the combat and instead chopped bushes. Shortly after starting ALttP, I also started files on the GBA ports of Zelda I and Zelda II, as well, and basically had the same habits of finding a safe spot to loop around. I was a pro at doing nothing in games as a kid, and I'm still somewhat a pro at it now.

Years later in 2007, A Link to the Past would be the first Zelda game I ever beat, but it was in a different file.
Dec 5, 2020
Like others I was introduced to the series through OoT. But in my case I wasn't able to play all that much of it for a few reasons. The first being that the game actually belonged to my brother, though he would let me have my own save file. The second is just that as a very young child I was terrified of the game, haha. Well, the adult portion specifically. Sometimes I would try to play on my brother's save, but I was never able to handle it. The first obstacle was getting through Castle Town which became overrun with ReDeads. That's way too stressful for a 5 year old. Next was the Forest Temple which is also very scary given its atmosphere and the kinds of enemies you have to face. None would make my young heart race quite like the Wallmasters. The loud sound it makes as it hones in on you as well as the abrupt shift in perspective when it violently grabs Link, dragging him off screen while he struggles and screams... it's brutal for a child. It was so bad that whenever I heard one coming, I would play the Minuet of Forest to escape the dungeon. Or just shut off the game if the pressure was too much. I was never able to finish the dungeon back then. As a result of all of this I would primarily stick to playing the child portion of the game since it was far less intimidating. Mostly, anyway. It still had things like the place underneath Kakariko Graveyard, and the Stalchildren coming out of the ground at night. The drawbridge closing and those skeletons rising was nightmarish for me.

Despite not really playing OoT "normally" so to speak, I still adored the game and the world it let me explore. Naturally when I found out there would be a sequel to the game I was very excited about it. At some point I received a VHS tape from Toys R Us which featured a preview of Majora's Mask. It also had one for Banjo Tooie. I must have watched the tape so many times in anticipation for the game. I was only a little bit older but I was still intimidated by OoT in the same ways I mentioned, yet with MM I oddly didn't have much issue with it. MM should be the scarier game, but it didn't feel that way for some reason. I guess it helped that child Link was taking the whole spotlight for that game. There were still some stressful moments, such as that room in Woodfall Temple where it gets very dark and you get attacked by those black sphere things. But not much overall and I was actually able to beat the game at that age. I've always found it strange how I was able to get through MM but not OoT. It would take a few more years until I would be brave enough to commit to finishing OoT. I would go on to get more games like Wind Waker, Link to the Past on GBA, etc as they came out. There are not much personal stories with these games, though I remember anticipating Twilight Princess a great deal. The reaction from the crowd to the initial E3 trailer is permanently etched into my mind. As was the sheer difficulty of obtaining a Nintendo Wii back then...
Feb 19, 2021
The Legend of Zelda (NES version). Tbh I couldn't have dream of a better scenario that this is my first Zelda game. I also never thought the series will go that big. Pretty glad I sink in the Zelda/Mario universe at the beginning and followed it through their evolution


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My first Zelda game was the 3ds port of OoT, and it's soooooo sentimental now. Does anybody else get teary eyed at the sound of Link's footsteps? Just me? Anyyyyyyywho the actual reason I got into Zelda was after flipping through a copy of the Hyrule Historia and falling in love with the concepts. I'm now totally obsessed, at ten games beaten in almost two years and I don't plan to stop
Oct 14, 2013
Zelda 2 AoL - very shortly after it was released. The first Nintendo game I ever played.
I really liked the game though because I was small at the time it took me quite a while to beat the game. I really enjoyed it back in the day and still do today. One of my favourite Zelda games.

As an aside, I didn't play Zelda 1 until quite a while later. I must say I did like Zelda 1 but nowhere near as much as Zelda 2.

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Feb 22, 2021
The first zelda game I played was Ocarina of Time. I wanted to play it after I watched my friends brother play it and I was really captivated by everything. It took me such a long time to beat it though, I got to the water temple and I was stuck there for at least a few months because I wasn't getting it and I would get so upset so I'd stop playing. When I finally got through the water temple, I got stuck on the shadow temple boss because the music somehow really distracted me and stressed me out so I kept dying, it wasn't until my friend muted my television that I was able to beat Bongo Bongo.. and that was a couple of years of being stuck (funnily enough, I now love the boss music for Bongo Bongo.) I was so happy when I finally beat the game. It's one of my favorites, I can easily get through it now but I will never be able to experience a first game play through with this game.


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For someone my age I actually got into the series quite late. My first game was Ocarina of Time 3D when it was released and I absolutely loved it. It had me wondering why I’d never given the series a more serious look earlier on and obviously I’ve enjoyed the series since then and up until now.
Dec 22, 2020
Depends when you ask me
My first was Zelda 2 AOL, in about 1990 I think. I loved it then and I still love it now. It was the second NES game I ever beat. I got the original shortly after and I still love that too. Next was Link’s AwakeNing which is possibly my fave, and then I played LTTP which, as good a game as it is, was just too damn easy!

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Ocarina of Time was my first played, and I sucked at it as a kid. Got stuck not knowing that you had to cut the spider web to get down into the basement of Inside the Deku Tree. I didn't play another Zelda game until Twilight Princess came out. I fell in love with it and immediately went back to Ocarina of Time afterwards and also fell in love with it.

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