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What Song Would You Want Played at Your Funeral?


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Mar 17, 2012
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It is becoming more and more prevelant these days for people to have a specific piece of music play at their funerals. In the UK, for example, the most common song played is My Way by Frank Sinatra, but songs such as My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston are among the most frequently chosen.

My Great-Uncle Jimmy had You'll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and The Pacemakers play at his funeral and my mother has often said she would like Angles by Robbie Williams. Sometimes people choose more personal songs that, while not necessarily in keeping with the subdued tone of a funeral, reflect their personality well. Others choose songs that they feel would be funny in the context (like Queen's Another One Bites The Dust) so as to alleviate some of the inherent sadness of the occassion.

This is a subject I sometimes dwell on when I listen to certain pieces of music and I was wondering if anyone else has ever given this topic any thought and if so, what song or piece of music would you have played at your own funeral and why?

For me personally, I would probably choose the Title Theme to The Wind Waker.


When I listen to this piece of music I feel a great deal of emotion. To me, it tells the story of The Wind Waker extremely well, that of a young boy who leaves everything he knows and loves behind to go onto this grand, new adventure. He is guided by the love of his family and makes meaningful relationships with many other people in this new chapter of his life.
There's sadness of leaving home but it's kind of an optimistic sadness in that he'll always be with those he loves at heart and they with him. Things aren't coming to an end, only a new beginning. That's what I like to think of death as; the start of something new, not the end of something old. This music remembers fondly one life and gives great hope of the next.

I don't really know what I believe about an afterlife but I would like to think death is not a definitive end. This piece of music, to me, in that context, expresses that feeling equisitely. One life ends only for a new one to begin.
I'd like to have a movie playing at mine :P

I have never really been able to decide on a funeral song there is just too much choice and there are so many awesome songs that i havent heard and dont exist yet...

I'd quite like Crashed Rrigate Orpheon from Metorid Prime of Phendrana Drifts... some of the most peaceful music i've ever heard and i'd want peace at such an event. Failing those, Lake Hylia from Twilight Princess =]

Part of me wants to be sarcastic.. the Bee-Gees 'Staying alive' would fit quite well :P
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Feb 23, 2011
That's a tough question. Frankly, I'd actually like to have a speedy funeral where everyone says their goodbyes and leaves. But if my family insists on giving me a long-drawn out funeral, then I'd like to have the best music to commemorate my departure to the realm beyond the mortal coil.

Lots of songs come to mind, most of which are not funeral-appropriate, but Adagio in G minor seems to fit the bill. I'd imagine it'd set the mood quite nicely alongside the assortment of cliched funeral music...

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Feb 8, 2011
Probably mellow and peaceful songs such as these. I think they would be perfect commemoration themes for the life that I'd striven toward while living, and serve as reminders to where I'm going afterwards (for those who believed it). I'd want one of them to play as my casket was lowered into the ground. Finally Home by MercyMe tells of our meeting in Heaven, specifically; and Bless the Broken Word shows the travels that a man goes through in life.



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Nov 24, 2011
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First I'd have this song play so that everyone can let their emotions out:

Then I'd have this one play to uplift everyone:



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Nov 12, 2010
I have a small assortment of songs that I would consider. I wouldn't want any particularly upbeat songs, as that wouldn't seem appropriate. I, like you, would be entirely fine with tracks from a game soundtrack being played at my funeral, as long as it's not shown publicly the source of the music. Even in death, I want some form of dignity. Below is my list of songs that I would adore having at my funeral.


I would say this track is extremely fitting, but not my first choice. I would say that if it's not on a loop of the same exact song, then this would be the second track they play. I don't think I'll have many wishes in death, but a few beautiful tracks like these to be played should not be any form of issue - it's my funeral after all.


This is my first choice. I would want this to be the first and last tracks played at my funeral. This song is among one of my favorite throughout all of the songs I have ever heard.


This would be my third song played. This shows the beauty of chanting in instrumentals. I have adored this form of music for as long as I can remember. My first memory is the Celtic tracks that they let you sample at stores like Target in the aisles where they sell CDs. When I heard this song in Assassin's Creed II, I was elated. This would be perfect for my funeral.


This track would be towards the end of my funeral, as I love this track immensely. My favorites would no doubt be towards the beginning and end - the tracks played towards the middle of the funeral are usually the least memorable.

These would be my ideal tracks played, although I doubt it'll ever happen.
Dec 21, 2011
For no apparent reason:



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Just for kicks because I love Tyga. It implies that I will indeed be shot to death one day:


But in all seriousness, I would like this song. I absolutely adore it:



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I have no idea, to be honest. I'd probably just let my family choose if they wanted to have a song at all.

But King Crimson's Epitaph is so badass, that in spite of the fatalistic lyrics I think it would be amazing to have played at some funeral. Wouldn't mind it at my own, but then, I wouldn't really have a say, would I?



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Oct 14, 2007
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Infinite Dreams by Iron Maiden.


Song lyrics are below... In particular, the relevant lyrics start with 'Even though its reached new heights...' at 1:41 in the video.

Infinite dreams I can't deny them
Infinity is hard to comprehend
I couldn't hear those screams
Even in my wildest dreams

Suffocation waking in a sweat
Scared to fall asleep again
Incase the dream begins again
Someone chasing I cannot move
Standing rigid nightmare's statue
What a dream when will it end
And will I transcend?

Restless sleep the minds in turmoil
One nightmare ends another fertile
Getting to me so scared to sleep
But scared to wake now, in too deep

Even though its reached new heights
I rather like the restless nights
It makes me wonder it makes me think
There's more to this I'm on the brink
It's not the fear of what's beyond
It's just that I might not respond
I have an interest almost craving
But would I like to get too far in?

It can't be all coincidence
Too many things are evident
You tell me you're an unbeliever
Spiritualist? Well me I'm neither
But wouldn't you like to know
The truth
Of what's out there to have the proof
And find out just which side
You're on
Where would you end in Heaven or
In Hell?

Help me. Help me to find my true
Self without seeing the future
Save me, save me from torturing
Myself even within my dreams

There's got to be just more to it
Than this
Or tell me why do we exist
I'd like to think that when I die
I'd get a chance another time
And to return and live again
Reincarnate, play the game
Again and again and again


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Aug 18, 2012
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I don't want a funeral, I want a party. That way people can celebrate my life instead of be sad. I want people to have a good time.

But my song choice would be something a little funny, like "staying alive" or "highway to hell".

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