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What foreign foods do you like the most?


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Jul 6, 2011
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Inspired by the foreign drinks thread here is the foreign food thread!

If like me you live in England the foods that were made here historically are not that great in my opinion. Many people enjoy our roasts and fish and chips but I find English food to not be very interesting. In fact I rarely eat it or make it.

I much prefer Asian cuisines. Asian countries historically have grown tastier ingredients like spices and therefore their foods ended up being tastier. I am thankful that we now have access to spices in England and that foreign people moved here and brought their cuisines over.

My favourite foreign foods are: Sri Lankan curry, Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen, Thai Green curry, Shui zhu yu which is a Szechuan dish of chilli boiled fish and Chairman Maos red braised pork belly which is from the Hunan province of China. Love a Peking duck too!

What are your favourites?


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Jun 16, 2020
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Same. I love most Asian cuisine (anything involving rice really), except for sushi. I couldn't eat raw meat of any kind.


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Nov 17, 2011
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I’m gonna jump on the Asian cuisine bandwagon. I like both Japanese and Thai style curries. I also enjoy makizushi and nigirizushi, both with a preference for raw salmon over tuna, but if making temakizushi will usually make something closer to a California roll. I like the ocasional inari roll (mushroom filled), and I’m also quite partial to a gelatinous seaweed salad if it’s dressed well, or just some plain rice seasoned with furikake, soy, dark sesame oil and mirin which is also pretty good if looking for something simple and quick to eat. However, my all time favourite Japanese dish that I’ve been able to try is okonomiyaki. Purely because of how flexible and customisable the ingredients can be in a dish that’s really easy to cook.


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Aug 13, 2020
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I haven't tried it yet, but I would like to try out balut, which is a boiled or steamed egg with a fetus inside. It's a staple in the Philippines, and since I like poultry and eggs in general, I'm thinking that I'll actually like it as well.

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