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What do you wish Zelda did more of?

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Mar 23, 2013

Write a dozen you say?
  1. LoZ: Spirit of a Hero
  2. LoZ: Fables of the Picori
  3. LoZ: Oracle of Secrets
  4. Zelda III: The Legend of Link
  5. LoZ: Hyrule Warriors - Crisis of Succession
  6. LoZ: Dawn of a New Light
  7. LoZ: Curse from the Past
  8. LoZ: Four Swords Awakening
  9. LoZ: Hylian Voyage
  10. LoZ: A Link Across The Ages
  11. LoZ: Blight of the Calamity
  12. LoZ: Hope for the Forsaken (work in progress on finer details)
Though the wages split would be not be 50/50 as more than two people are working on this game.
We would receive 4-out-of-100 perhaps.

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I'm not that cool. I've only got the one premise for a game.

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A recent shoutbox conversation also got me thinking more about this recently. I want more unified efforts in Zelda stories that show characters beyond just Link and Zelda and a plot device character or two working together. The Champions in BotW and the whole story of AoC are the best example of this recently. The entire kingdom came together, contributed resources and warriors, all for one effort to fight Ganon. I want more of that kind of thing. On a much smaller scale, I really liked how Alfonso tried to fight Byrne in the beginning of ST and the way Tetra and her pirates helped Link in WW (even though a lot of it was off-screen) was cool, too. I want more of that and I want it to have an impact on the gameplay. A lot of the time, most of Hyrule is blissfully unaware of what's happening around them and even present-day BotW falls into this as well. I wanna see more people recognizing what's happening and stepping up to help Link. And not just for a one-off side quest.
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Aug 16, 2019
I wish she did more of combat and a division of quests like "Link you do this while I do this. Let's meet here at _____ and do ______ together."

Where the player gets to play as both.


Oct 19, 2021
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I wish she did more of combat and a division of quests like "Link you do this while I do this. Let's meet here at _____ and do ______ together."

Where the player gets to play as both.
I honestly wish more games did this sort of thing.
It adds more fun to replaying games, especially if they have linear stories!

Gears of War did this a lot in the original trilogy, as you chose which path to take and it resulted in two separate forms of gameplay most of the time.
"Where we goin' Marcus? On the rooftops or through the alley?"
Rooftops leads to a sniper-ralley ending
Alley leads to a mortar-strike ending

And then you have Anarchy Reigns which had a dual-perspective narrative as two separate rival teams had each their own story to play out and interwoven in such a way that you had to play the story twice to get the full understanding of everything, both playthroughs from the opposite side of the narrative!
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