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What do you like to do to calm yourself and relax?


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Whenever you’re feeling stressed, sad, or angry, what do you usually do to calm yourself down and relax? Play games? Read, draw, write, take a walk, what do you like to do?

I myself use drawing as a way to relax. Focusing on drawing can help other stuff from entering my mind and stressing me out. I usually do it outside, where the fresh air, the sounds of nature, and gentle breezes calm me as well. And I usually listen to beautiful piano music I if I can’t go outside.

What do you like to do?
Jun 16, 2020
I tend to listen to music when I really need to relax. Although, most of the time when I say I need to relax I end up watching youtube videos or playing silly mobile games or any number of other things which aren't actually very relaxing to me. Because I'm dumb like that.
I try to calm my mind and do some breathing exercises in a quiet room.

I also find puzzle games like Tetris rather therapeutic so sometimes I'll play that whole listening to some chill music.

If I can't do either of those I just try to distance myself from what is bothering me as best I can.


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Aug 16, 2019
when I'm stressed or angry, I can't watch movies, anime, read books or play games cuz I need a sound mind to do those stuff.
So I either use punch bag to vent or call my friends to vent out. Nothing is more comforting than a friend's arm


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Listening to music and laying in bed help me relax a lot.

Drinking alcohol is relaxing too sometimes, but I only do that occasionally and when I am with friends so I'm not sure that exactly counts.

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