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Breath of the Wild Treasure Chest That I Can't Seem To Get...

Azure Sage

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If I may ask ... how does anyone know what's in the chest if nobody is able to get it out and open it?

Because the bug didn't happen to everybody. It's a very well known bug but there are people who didn't have the same issue. I know I can't get the chest either. But I do know others who were able to get it.
That's not why. It's because treasure chest contents are listed in the official guide. At least, that's what I read when I was researching the bug.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Oh I don't doubt at all the people who claimed to have opened the chest might have used a glitch. Some people on game FAQ claimed to not have had a bug at all and were able to open the chest without a problem. I didn't even know the bug existed till I read about it on the forums. I wonder if this ever will be fixed :P

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