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Times You Thought "Hmm..."


Dec 16, 2009
Checkpoints????? Do Zelda games have those? Once you got the hammer, you can use the shortcut for that. I thought that that was good enough...
You can save by using the second controller... I thought it was the 'select' button.
The lack of story? It was 20 years ago man! Games were not like that yet.

About the textures or looks:
I'm happy with both Toon Link and TP stuff, although I prefer the first one. But there is one thing the could have done better, or at least I think... AoL overworld.

They should have made the tiles on the edges of areas like forest, a bit tranparant on the edges. I didn't mind the squares to walk on, but the looked really square, even back then. The should have made the whole land desert and then put roads and forests on it. A bit more like Final Fantasy or other games with an overworld.
I liked AoL a lot, even if it was nothing like LoZ..

--------------------- Things I'd change ------------

The only thing I would change, are missable things. I don't want to start over because I missed a Kinstone or a spider or something, I just want to get everything eventually, on my first playthough.

And maybe some things like two houses and three characters to place them into, so you have to choose. Why not have an extra house in town later on? This was from the Minish Cap. Or the running man from OoT, what's so great about something you cannot win? I never understood that. I want to win!


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
The one time I thought this was in TP with the cuccos. While I missed having cuccos chase me and try to pick out my eyes, I thought they could have done two things with them. One is that they could have made them look more like chickens, because the ones from OOT did a better job of looking like chickens. Two, if you are going to allow the player to become the chicken, then base a mini-game or challenge around that bit. Other then this I never questioned if stuff could be better.

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